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    A Day in the Life of the 2018 Coach of the Year, Curt Reekers

    by Anna Schott / August 8, 2018
    Photo by Hattie Kingsley Photography
    I am a complete sucker when it comes to learning about how successful individuals become such high performers. I'm intrigued by their morning routines, their productivity hacks and what book(s) sit on their nightstand.
    I even want to know what they eat for breakfast and if they listen to podcasts on their commutes. The worst is when they don't disclose WHAT podcasts they are listening to. I need all the details. 
    So in that spirit, I felt it was necessary that I do my own undercover research on what our 2018 Coach of the Year, Curt Reekers, does in a day that makes him so successful as a leader and coach to his team. His answers were too good to not share, so he has graciously allowed me to publish them for all high performing wannabes to take note of. 
    For those who did not attend our Sales Coaching Summit this year and watch Curt receive our highest award, you can watch the video above. Curt is a sales manager at Orthopedic Solutions Inc. (OSI). Curt's company has been a client of EcSell Institute for quite some time and continue to grow sales year after year. OSI knows that its leaders have the biggest impact on team performance which is why they work with us and continue to invest in their leaders. 
    So I hope you enjoy my interview with Curt as much as I did. And who knows, maybe you could become our 2019 Coach of the Year if you start implementing some of Curt's behaviors. It can't hurt!
    Curt Reekers, Sales Manager at OSI Q: Okay Curt, let's start with what your morning routine looks like.  
    A: For better or worse, I am a night-owl that wakes up usually at 5 AM.  I head to the gym to lift shortly after that with two friends and then head home. I feed my two cats (Cheeto and Reese), stretch, and start the day.
    Q: Everyone's wondering, or maybe just me, what does a high performing coach eat for breakfast? 
    A: A whey protein shake and/or Greek yogurt. 

    Q: Is there something you HAVE to do before running out the door? 
    A: 90% of the time, I have to run back into the house and grab my bottle of water, lunch, or something else that I left on the counter.  I never run late but am always a little scatter brained when leaving the house. 

    Q: Do you do anything specific during your commute to work? Listen to podcasts, tune in to the radio, sit in silence? 
    A: I wish I could tell you I immerse myself in business podcasts or self-help topics; however, my ride-time (when not on the phone) consist of sports-satire, current event podcasts such as Dan LeBatard Show, Pardon My Take, or Joe Rogan. 

    Q: What's the first thing you do when you get to the office? 
    A: Our office is located an hour from where I live and I spend the majority of the time on the road and in the field working with reps and Territory Managers.  Everyday I spend in the field there is a clear plan in place and many discussions are had regarding sales plan, case coverage, team meetings, one-to-one meetings and other initiatives. 

    Q: So it sounds like you have a routine in place while you're on the road even. Is that fair? 
    A: Yes, I try to keep a similar schedule when traveling. I try to stay at a hotel with a gym affiliation or at least a somewhat decent treadmill - this is a sure fire way for me NOT to stay at your hotel if you have a crappy gym! I usually pack my lunches and try to keep everything as "usual" as possible.
    Q: Do you end up eating your lunch with other team members or are you an eat on the go kind of guy? 
    A: It depends. If I am in the field with a rep then we may grab a quick lunch at the hospital between cases or meetings.  That being said, a lot of the time I will eat on the go in my car since I tend to bring a lunch from home.  I try to eat healthy during the week since that is not a goal of my weekend activities.
    Q: What is a non-negotiable for you throughout your work day? 
    A: The work day is pretty fluid and different within every territory. I like that part of it. Even if you plan for something, it will change and you must be flexible.

    Q: Where do you go for leadership resources or industry news if you have time to learn during the day? 
    A: Twitter,, and  VuMedi

    Q: How many times are you checking your email inbox per day? 
    A: My iPhone is always on.  Also, I could NEVER sit at a desk all day. 

    Q: Do you do anything specific right after work?  
    A: One of 3 things: (1) a long run, (2) kickboxing class, or (3) I recently purchased a Peloton (a stationary indoor bike) which is awesome.

    Q: What does your evening routine look like? 
    A: Dinner around 6:30-7, and sometimes I'll grab drinks with friends. If not, Netflix, Pro-Sports (NBA - NFL) or laundry. It's probably what everyone else does at night who does not have any kids. 

    Q: How do you wind down at night? 
    A: Like I said earlier, I'm a bit of a vampire and I'll eventually fall asleep around 12:30-1 AM.  I do some (very) light reading, watch Netflix or TV and make sure I'm prepared for the next day, days or weeks ahead. 
    Rapid Fire Round! 
    Q: What is the Coach of the Year reading right now? 
    A: I read a little of everything, in spurts.  A few books I have on my nightstand are Extreme Ownership, 12 Rules for Life, The Subtle Art of not Giving a F**k, and I'll be Gone in the Dark.

    Q: What’s the one coaching lesson you had to learn the hard way? 
    A: My mentor is very direct and I am not necessarily wired that way. I have learned the art of having a difficult situation while being approachable and consistent when interacting with people.

    Q: What’s the one coaching moment that is most memorable to you? 
    A: Be prepared, everyone has messed up,  and share your mistakes with everyone. No one is better than another person and you cannot allow your ego to get in the way.

    Q: What do you think you do that makes you a Coach of the Year kind of coach? 
    A: I really feel you need to know how to connect with each person.  Some prefer texts, others phone calls, etc.  That being said, I find many people take the easy way out and do not have face-to-face interaction for whatever reason.  It's BS! Get out in front of your reps, managers, customers and build the human relationship (Tweet this).  

    Q: What’s the one thing you want to do to elevate your coaching game? 
    A: I know I need to read more "coaching books" to get more perspective.

    Q: What piece of advice would you give someone if they were working to become a high performing Coach of the Year like yourself? 
    A: Get out there and align yourself with your people in the field (Tweet this).  DO NOT direct from a desk or computer. Try to find levity in daily situations and I hope you can have fun doing what you do. I really do enjoy what I do everyday.

    So there you have it. An insider's look into the life of our 2018 Coach of the Year. Our entire team can agree that he's one of the most down to earth leaders who puts his people first. His team works so hard for him and isn't that leadership at its finest?! 
    If you want to attend our next Sales Coaching Summit where we'll be announcing the 2019 Coach of the Year, then I suggest signing up for updates about our next event here or click below for more event information. 
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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott served as Ecsell Institute's Director of Marketing.