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    Boost Leadership Effectiveness with This Book Discussion Guide

    by Anna Schott / January 28, 2021

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    As of today, thousands of leaders across the globe have purchased a copy of The Coaching Effect book. We know this because we recently had to replenish our warehouse with a second printing of the book written by our very own CEO, Bill Eckstrom, and President, Sarah Wirth. Both authors have spent over a decade researching the activities, behaviors, and performance of leaders. They’ve now studied more than 150,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, primarily of sales teams, and have been able to determine how coaching affects team outcomes and growth.

    Since the book we've heard numerous success stories on how the book has made a positive effect not only on the teams they lead, manage, and coach, but also the effect it has had on their confidence as a leader knowing what it takes to be a high performing coach. We also came to realize many were using the book as a team building and developmental activity within their department and/or company.

    To make these group discussions more engaging, we decided to create a book discussion guide to go along with the book. The guide is meant to be a practical tool you can use with your team, or even individually, as a way to dig deeper into the concepts and best practices shared throughout the book. It will also introduce conversation starters to get you or your team thinking differently about leadership and coaching. 


    If you're wondering how the content in the book differs from other sales or leadership books on the market, we share some distinctions in this blog. It is also considered an Amazon best-seller ranking in the top 100 books in the "Business Mentoring and Coaching" category for many weeks and has a 4.7 out of 5 star review average.


    You can see more book reviews like Mark's by clicking here. Happy coaching!

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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott served as Ecsell Institute's Director of Marketing.