Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

Sales Management Training Reviews

"NO ONE is more critical to driving revenue than your sales leaders. Yet companies routinely spend time and money developing salespeople, and neglect the lynchpins, the sales managers!

I've watched too many organizations promote their top rep to manager only to have them descend into mediocrity.  The EcSell Institute provides a way for you to avoid this costly mistake. 

Bill Eckstrom and his team are thought leaders in sales coaching.  I've worked with them for over three years and I've seen first-hand how their research based programs deliver the discipline and structure that sales managers need to be successful. 

Investing in your sales leaders delivers a bigger ROI than almost any other investment you can make. If you want to provide your team with the tools and skills to drive revenue, invest in the EcSell Institute." 

Lisa Earle McLeod 
Bestselling author of Selling with Noble Purpose Sales Leadership Expert
President, McLeod & More, Inc. 


"If you are a leader searching for a way to enhance the productivity of your sales team, you have a precious friend in the EcSell Institute. The EcSell team passionately searches the horizon day and night for the very best science of leading people.  Their telescope is high powered and wide open.  I find them exceptionally good at packaging great big ideas into usable, transformative pieces. To top it off, they are just a pleasure to work with."

Erik Thompson
Thompson Leadership Development, Inc.


"The EcSell team, over the past 4 years, has become a very valuable asset and partner to my component of the IHS Sales organization. I personally would call out the Summits, which have never disappointed; there are routinely thought provoking sessions on leadership, all led by renowned, published experts in the field. I have never left an EcSell Summit without new approaches to leadership to ponder. Any member of EcSell would be wise to attend these as regularly as possible, but do so with a mind to engage Bill, Sarah, Will and the rest of the team to get the greatest return on your investment; they are great resources. I can recommend the EcSell Institute without reservation."

Chuck Dunn
Vice President, Energy Technical Sales

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