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    Mike Hintz

    Sales Partner

    2016 - Present

    Mike is the President of Northlink Consulting and works with executive teams to optimize their marketing and sales channel using his diverse personal and professional background. His background as a freelance artist gives him a creative mindset when dealing with complex corporate client scenarios. His experience in the high-pressure ICU nurse environment and military background has taught him the importance of process and procedure.

    With several top performing sales years under his belt, Mike lead several training teams that addressed the domestic and international needs for billion dollar publicly traded companies and 'not-for-profit' as well. Even small companies struggle with making their goals of transformation stick and achieve lasting change. That is why Mike invests his time and expertise with the clients who understand the kind of work and commitment required to achieve the goals they want.

    Mike lives in southwest Michigan with his family and is currently authoring a book about the transformative powers we all posses. One of his great passions after art is scuba diving. Mike has been diving the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes for the past 10 years, and while on vacation he'll never pass up the opportunity to swim with the sea life in the warm waters of the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii.

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    Favorite quote

    "The Industrial Age had the steam engine and the Information Age had the Internet. We are the fuel and fire of the Innovation Age. We are the final product in the wooden match. Our human potential is the light in a dark room." (p. 179 of my first book, I-Novation)

    What song(s) have you completely memorized?

    I can hang with most 80s songs, when they come on the radio in the car, the volume goes up.

    "Take On Me" by Aha, 1985 would definitely top the list.

    What's the best single day on the calendar and why?
    May 1st or May Day marks the point in Michigan where the snow is melted and we can start planting in our gardens and enjoying the outside.
    Favorite emoji

    🤯 🤦🏻

    I had to pick two. These are the ones that I'm looking for when the standard ones don't apply. 

    Who inspires you to be better?

    Elon Musk is a great example of the New Innovator. Musk is best known for being the CEO and founder of Tesla Motors, Space X, PayPal, Solar City and many other paradigm changers; truly a ‘new innovator’. In his biography, he discusses one of two profound decisions he made when 17 years old in South Africa. Without any support from his parents, he decided to leave home and make a go of it on his own. The second is beginning Zip2 with just $28,000. Now he is designing greenhouses for Mars, Gigafactories, reusable rockets, Hyperloop transport, and dozens of other ideas.

    What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

    Completing my first book, I-Novation just recently has been one the most rewarding projects. It's been two years in the making and I've learned many important things about myself and the process of writing. It marks the first book in a series that I will be writing about the innovation needed to excel in our fast-paced world that is changing at ever increasing speeds.

    EcSell Institute Speaker
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    Why yes, I do!