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    Gil Cargill

    Independent Sales partner

    December 2018 - Present

    After concluding a spectacular sales and management career at IBM, in which he led his sales team from a dead-last rating among 220 branch offices to first place in less than a year, Gil Cargill launched his own consulting practice and was built on the same strategies that produced Cargill’s outstanding sales results at IBM.

    Gil has spent the past 39 years as a consultant; speaker and trainer helping thousands of businesses achieve dramatic and permanent improvements in sales productivity. He has taught salespeople across diverse industries the importance of developing sales processes, the advantages of implementing new technology, and the benefits of tracking sales performance.

    Cargill is a frequent speaker at national conventions and meetings of Vistage Interna­tional, formerly The Executive Committee (TEC), and has been consultant to such or­ganizations as Toshiba, HP, Synexx, Apple Computers, ASCII, and many thousands of growing small-to-medium businesses. He served on the board of directors for ABCD (The Association Of Better Computer Dealers). Ever since DOS was the popular operating system, Cargill has been the premier Sales Acceleration Coach for the IT industry.

    In 1996, Sales & Marketing Management magazine named Gil Cargill one of the “Top Six Speakers in the Country”, and Successful Meetings magazine listed him as one of the “Hot 25 Speakers to Watch For.” Cargill has received numerous other awards/rec­ognitions and is frequently quoted in leading sales and management publications. His writings have been published in Channel Pro and Reseller Management magazines.

    Thirty-nine years of success in both sales consulting and sales training is proof that Cargill’s style of delivering information and defining proven sales processes has helped his audiences understand that there are better, more profitable ways to perform their sales tasks.

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    Favorite quote

    "Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect."  - Vince Lombardi

    What song(s) have you completely memorized?

    Not being a musician, I don't have a song completely memorized.

    What's the best single day on the calendar and why?

    Every day is the best single day on the calendar, because I can't do anything about yesterday and tomorrow's not guaranteed.

    Favorite emoji


    Who inspires you to be better?

    The answer to that is easy; it's my father.

    What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

    Building and maintaining a 40-year-old sales consulting and coaching practice.

    EcSell Institute Speaker
    Need a speaker for your next event?
    Why yes, I do!