Bill Eckstrom

Expert in the science and research of high performance coaching teams


Sarah Wirth

Expert in the skills and talents of high-performing sales leaders


Will Kloefkorn

Expert in the psychology and fundamentals of coaching, leadership and management



Inspiring.  Dynamic.  Authentic.  Innovative.

All words and phrases attendees have used to describe presentations from an EcSell Institute sales leadership speaker. 

If your business, association, tradeshow or team wants to learn more about coaching, leadership and other topics that impact performance, consider an EcSell speaker to provide a keynote or workshop.

EcSell utilizes research to connect with logic, but are savvy and experienced enough to understand it is passion and stories that connect and resonate with the hearts of all audiences. The integration of science and everyday coaching and leadership applications has brought the organization and speakers to the forefront of leadership and high performance.

EcSell presenters have given wildly successful presentations to industries ranging from agriculture to medicine and have a passion and expertise in the sales arena—specifically to those who are leaders of a sales team.

Investing in the leaders of your organization delivers a bigger ROI than almost any other investment you can make. If you want to provide your team with the tools and skills to drive revenue, performance and sustainable growth, invest in an EcSell Institute speaker TODAY! 

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What you can expect . . .

Bill Eckstrom

A speaker with as much enthusiasm for high performance, researched-based findings than any other keynote out there. Bill is acknowledged as a renowned keynote speaker across hundreds of organizations working primarily with leaders and executives on how to measure and evaluate their impact on team performance. While his audiences call him “profoundly authentic”, “highly entertaining” and much more, Bill is most proud of the fact that his material is based on EcSell’s science and research—he does not present motivational fluff.  Read Bill's bio here

Sarah Wirth 

Sarah brings an expertise in coaching and leadership, combined with her fact based, common sense approach which makes her a sought after presenter at any event. With her wide array of industry knowledge, Sarah has the ability to take an analytical approach to help attendees understand the skills and talents of high-performing sales leaders while providing new methods for leading and coaching. Sarah has presented to executives from across the globe with organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder, Ritz Carlton, Cheesecake Factory and many more.  Read Sara's bio here

Will Kloefkorn 

Known as a crowd favorite, Will brings an unparalleled passion to organizations with his belief in the impact of coaching, leadership and management on the performance of sales teams, as well as athletic teams, and has been recognized on many levels. He has the ability to articulate the needs and solutions attendees have been waiting to hear while bringing a refreshing and challenging approach to leaders by starting where it matters: between the ears. Read Will's bio here



Keynote and Workshop Topics

Sales Specific:

The Evolution of Sales Team Performance

Coaching to Maximize Sales

The Obsolete Manager

What Your De-Motivating Managers are Costing You 

  • What You Are Not Hearing from Your Sales Producers is Losing You Sales

And many more…

General Topics:

The Science Behind High Performing Teams

High Impact Coaching

Building and Sustaining Peak Performing Teams

And many more… 

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