Bill Eckstrom

World’s Foremost Authority in Metric-Based Performance Coaching & Growth

Bill is not just passionate about growth and performance, but truly obsessed. That’s why he founded a company solely to research it and wrote a book on it.  It’s also why he trains therapy dogs.


Sarah Wirth

Leadership Development, Women in Sales, & Coaching Expert

Ask any member of the EcSell Institute team who the smartest person they know is, and they will answer “Sarah Wirth” – this is to be expected of someone who got their JD from Michigan Law for fun.

Will Kloefkorn

Expert in the Mindset of Top Performing Coaches & Leaders

Cross a poet laureate with a baseball coach, sprinkle some Dalai Lama on top, and you’ve got Will Kloefkorn.  If you think his keynotes are good, get dinner with him and let him rant for a real show.

Bill Eckstrom

Bill Eckstrom

World’s Foremost Authority in Metric-Based Performance Coaching & Growth

Nobody understands, nor has the research to back up, the concept of coaching like Bill Eckstrom. He founded EcSell Institute in 2008 to help executive leaders, sales managers, athletic coaches, teachers, and more to master how coaching done correctly is the #1 enhancer of performance and growth.  After his TEDx Talk quickly amassed over 3 million views, it became clear that the world was eager to understand growth and performance through Bill’s eyes. 

Bill’s vast experience of turning subpar leaders into elite coaches will help you understand why measuring performance at the leadership level is critical to growth at the individual, team, and organizational level. Utilizing both entertainment and poignant research in his talks, Bill will leave your audience ready to take action. 

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About Bill

Bill Eckstrom's primary passion is growth - especially how coaches and leaders impact the growth and performance of individuals and teams. This passion inspired Bill to launch the EcSell Institute, a research-based organization that works with leaders internationally to help them better understand, measure, and elevate coaching’s impact on performance. EcSell’s science and programming on the role of the coach has been changing the behaviors, activities, and performance in diverse industries from athletic teams to academics to businesses around the world. 

Bill began his management career in 2000 at a medical equipment company and climbed the ranks to become US Director of Sales in just three years.  In 2004, Bill accepted a job as Senior VP of Business Development for a publicly traded healthcare organization. By 2008, the organization’s stock price had doubled and new sales revenue had grown 280%. Later that same year, he founded EcSell Institute.

As a result of his experiences, his company’s findings, and his public speaking skills, Bill’s work as a keynote speaker is internationally renowned. Audiences have called him “profoundly authentic,” “highly entertaining,” and more. Bill is most proud of the fact that the material he presents is rooted in EcSell’s research and hard data - no motivational fluff. He has presented to hundreds of groups and is a popular guest on podcasts and shows around the world.  Bill was invited to the TEDx stage in 2017, and his talk entitled “Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life” was the fastest growing TEDx Talk in the history of the event.

Growth is also what inspires Bill’s philanthropic life, especially his involvement in therapy dog work. He and his Labrador, Aspen, work together at senior living homes, children’s hospitals, and anywhere the presence of Aspen’s wagging tail and soft soul can bring a smile.

TEDx Talk: Over 2 Million Views
Most Popular Keynotes
  • The Coaching Effect: How You Shape Lives
  • The Growth Rings: Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort
  • Psychological Safety: The Next Performance Frontier
Past Experience

Speaking Engagements:

  • TEDx Talk at University of Nevada
  • Sacramento Kings Keynote
  • Selling Power's Sales 3.0 Conference 
  • IAB Forum Keynote in Warsaw, Poland
  • International Luxury Travel Market Keynote in Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • HubSpot's INBOUND Conference
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletic Department
  • Humber College Athletic Department in Toronto, Canada
  • Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) Conference Keynote
  • Vistage Executive Network Speaker 
  • International Youth Fellowship World Camp LA Keynote
  • & countless more


Videos of Bill 

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Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth 

Expert in Leadership Development, Women in Sales, & Coaching

When Sarah brings her well-versed expertise in coaching and leadership, she delights in using research as much as she as does her sharp wit. Knowledge and demeanor make Sarah a sought-after instructor, coach, or interviewee.

She has presented to executives from across the globe with organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder, Ritz Carlton, Cheesecake Factory and many more.

Sarah has the ability to help others understand the skills and talents of high-performing leaders while providing proven methods for coaching. She will make your audience feel not just inspired, but fully equipped, to make lasting change within their teams.

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About Sarah

Sarah Wirth has nearly 20 years of experience in employee assessment, leadership development, sales executive coaching, and customer service. 

She began her career as a talent analyst for an international human resource firm, where she coached leaders in organizations ranging from small not-for-profits to Fortune 500 companies. When named chair of leadership consulting and a member of the senior operations team, she helped lead the organization to a 65% increase in revenue. In 2009, she joined a publicly traded organization as the Vice President of Client Service, increasing client contract retention by 36%.

In 2011 Sarah came on board with the EcSell Institute team as Vice President of Client Services, where she oversees client retention and all aspects of sales coaching, leadership and management research. Under Sarah’s leadership, EcSell Institute’s client retention has grown to over 94%.

Sarah has a B.A. from the University of Nebraska, holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, and is a member of the Nebraska Bar Association. She has served as a legal advisor for many organizations, specifically in the areas of contract, employment, and intellectual property law. She lives in Kansas City with her husband, Mike, and two sons, Miles and Emmett.

Popular Interview & Workshop Topics
  • Using Your Leadership Strengths
  • Driving Your Team into the High Growth Zone
  • Creating Relationship of Trust
  • Helping Salespeople Take Ownership
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Creating Healthy Tension
  • Coaching Tenured Salespeople
  • Coaching to Improve Sales Activity
  • Delivering Feedback to Drive Improvement and Create a Culture of Accountability
What to Expect

“Sarah provides me with a much needed sounding board to help talk me through difficult people issues and provide clarity around what I am trying to accomplish.”

“I always learn so much when I get to hear from Sarah. I have seen my skill level improve as a coach over the last two and a half years and have seen my business consultant's work do the same.”

“The content Sarah speaks to has gotten my team to stop, think, and evaluate best practices in a collaborative learning environment. The subject matter is great for professional development of a team. It's a worthwhile investment in our people.”

"Sarah has been invaluable to help foster our commitment to our teams and allowed us to push performance through proper coaching.”

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Will Kloefkorn

Will Kloefkorn

Expert in the Mindset of Top Performing Coaches & Leaders

A sure-to-be crowd favorite, Will brings unparalleled passion to audiences with his stories on the impact that coaching, leadership and management have on the performance of individuals and teams. He has the ability to articulate the needs and solutions attendees have been waiting to hear, all while providing a fresh and challenging approach to leaders by starting where it matters: between the ears.

Will has a storytelling cadence that keeps people engaged and laughing. Your audience will walk away with an altered mindset that will stick with them throughout the entirety of their personal and professional development.

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About Will

Will Kloefkorn has been in the sales industry his entire career. Serving as a sales manager with the EcSell Institute team since the company's inception more than 10 years ago, Will is now responsible for leading EcSell Institute's worldwide sales growth strategies and business development initiatives. He brings an unparalleled passion to the EcSell Institute, and his belief in the effect of coaching, leadership and management on the performance of teams has been recognized on many levels.

Will's background includes business development jobs across the board with recognized organizations such as ESPN and Enterprise, as well as time spent with start-up organizations.

In addition to his business development activities, Will is a popular speaker at EcSell Institute events; he is able to articulate the needs and solutions our clients encounter on a daily basis.  He brings a refreshing approach when presenting to sales leaders where he challenges his audiences to think about their impact on sales producers.

Since he is a student of leadership and coaching, he knows firsthand how those talents and skills can help take a producer from simply good to extraordinary.

Popular Keynote Topics
  • What Your Sales People Aren’t Telling You is Costing You Sales
  • Your Most Important Relationship: The Key to Unlocking Happiness & Performance
What to Expect
“Whether Will is speaking to a group or interacting one-on-one, he uses a mix of humor, data and personal reflections to drive results.  Most importantly, he challenges his audience to approach work and life differently. I would highly recommend Will for a keynote presentation or a small group motivational session with your team.”
"I have had the chance to see Will speak several times in front of a variety of audiences and he always impresses those in the crowd. Will has a story telling cadence to his approach that keeps people engaged, laughing and walking away with the type of impact that allows you to pull something new into your own leadership style."
“Will Kloefkorn is the real deal! He is one of the most genuine people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His listening skills are on par with some of the best coaches in the world which allows him to craft meaningful solutions that get results for his colleagues, his customers and partners."
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"Bill Eckstrom, who spoke for us at TEDxUniversityofNevada 2017, is in the top 5% of over 100 speakers that have participated in our program. Bill was a joy to work with because he was sincerely interested in our needs, and he made our goal his goal. When you work with Bill, you don't just get a speaker, you get a valuable long-term relationship with a true professional. He has earned my highest recommendation."

Bret S.
TEDxUniversityofNevada Producer

"Sarah's content is collaborative, conversational and interactive. The best practices she shared have helped me transition from being a process-driven manager to a talent developer." 

Shawn W.
North America Sales Manager
“Whether Will is speaking to a group or interacting one-on-one, he uses a mix of humor, data and personal reflections to drive results.  Most importantly, he challenges his audience to approach work and life differently.  I would highly recommend Will for a keynote presentation or a small group motivational session with your team.”
Chief Consulting Officer


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