Who Are They?

  • Growth-Minded Leaders
  • Independent Sales Consultants
  • Business Development Consultants
  • Interim Vice Presidents
  • Sales Performance Coaches

What Do They Do?

  • Educate, coach and implement our sales growth process to executive sales leaders of mid-market to large companies.

  • Coach the coaches on the five high-payoff activities proven to grow sales and how to execute them effectively.

  • Enhance their current business by implementing sales coaching to existing clients and/or prospects.


How Can I Become One?

  • Contact us here.
  • Engage with us through discovery calls to determine right fit for the partnership and the EcSell culture.
  • Become a Certified ISP through EcSell’s ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process Training Camp.
"When I work with new organizations I rarely see a comprehensive sales coaching process in place and I have yet to see an organization measure its effectiveness like EcSell does. Their unique, comprehensive coaching enablement process allows my clients and prospects the opportunity to learn, implement and execute the coaching activities proven to grow sales."
- EcSell's Independent Sales Partner

Meet Our Independent Sales Partners  

    Mike Hintz Everett Hill Neal Benedict    
    Grand Rapids, Michigan Atlanta, Georgia Houston, Texas     
    Mike_Hintz_Headshot Everett_Hill_Independent_Sales_Partner Neal_Head_Shot_Round.png    
    Contact Mike Contact Everett Contact Neal    

These Independent Sales Partners (ISPs) are educated and trained on the ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process which is a sales growth strategy geared toward sales leaders, not sales reps. This exclusivity allows them to form relationships or enhance current client relationships with executive sales leaders looking for ways to grow sales through their leadership teams. After these ISPs complete the necessary training, the partnership continues as EcSell offers highly engaged support going forward as we believe and know to be true, nothing elevates performance more than coaching.

The Selection Process:

Our “Why” is at the heart of our business and affects everything we do internally and externally.  But what’s at the soul of EcSell is the people we work with day in and day out. Whether that be a team member or client, we treat every single individual with the utmost respect. Each ISP is selected with EcSell's culture in mind as well as characteristics such as: 

Growth-Minded Leadership-Oriented Consultancy Experience* Hardworking
Experienced in Sales Industry Relationship-Focused Determined Self-Motivated
Curious Ongoing Learner Passionate About Coaching Trustworthy

Interested in becoming an Independent Sales Partner?

Contact Us

*By committing to this partnership, it would not take away from the work you are currently doing but rather enhance it significantly.

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