About the method

Whether you’re in business, athletics, or education, our four-step methodology uses the research of over 150,000 coaching interactions to create a holistic, measurable program for your team. We develop your leaders, teachers, and managers into effective coaches and give your organization 360-degree support along the way.

Step 1: Measure

The Coaching Effect Survey measures the coaching effectiveness of your leaders by surveying those that are most affected: the team members.

Step 2: Educate

This interactive training, delivered onsite or online, provides the foundation for improved coaching that is essential to growing your leaders' coaching ability.  The Coaching Effect Academy is led by both EcSell’s CEO & President, who have presented worldwide to a myriad of Fortune 500 companies and audiences of 1000+.

Step 3: Implement

Great coaching is not a singular achievement. EcSell provides ongoing support, reinforcement, and education that are customized to your organization's survey results and goals in order to perpetuate a high-performance culture.

Step 4: Track

The One-Up Coaching Cloud is the first and only tool of its kind to help leaders structure and track their vital coaching activities.

The 4 Steps

Create the ultimate coaching effect by implementing these four steps . . . 


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What to Expect

Our four-step process provides complete transparency and real-time data into the coaching effectiveness of all leaders. With this crucial visibility, you can identify where you have the biggest opportunities for growth and improvement while supported by a personalized coaching program that fits your unique developmental needs.


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