This four-step methodology develops stronger leaders and more effective managers by creating a wholistic, measurable process based on the research of over 150,000 coaching interactions in the workplace.

Step 1: Measure

The Coaching Effect Survey measures the coaching effectiveness of managers by surveying those that are most affected; the team members. 

Step 2: Educate

This virtual or online training provides the foundation to improved coaching that is essential to growing your leaders' coaching ability.

Step 3: Implement

Ongoing support, reinforcement, and guidance are customized to an organization's survey results and goals. 

Step 4: Track

The Coaching Cloud provides managers with an innovative tool to organize and structure managers' coaching activities. 

The 4 Steps

Create the ultimate coaching effect by implementing these four steps . . . 


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What to Expect

Complete transparency and real-time data into the coaching effectiveness of all leaders. With this visibility, you can identify where you have the biggest opportunities for growth and improvement while following a personalized coaching program that fits your developmental needs. 


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