Measure Your Managers' Effectiveness

The Coaching Effect Survey is the only tool that accurately measures manager effectiveness. By assessing a manager’s coaching quality and frequency, and then relating those results to team performance, you will finally understand how and why some of your managers are succeeding and some are not. 

Once completed you will receive:

  • Manager-specific data with comparison benchmarks to your company overall, as well as other organizations
  • Areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in your managers’ coaching effectiveness
  • Improvement recommendations to create strategies for the growth and development of your managers

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Manager Effectiveness Survey

The Survey

It consists of 70 questions which are completed through a personalized link emailed to them. The team members respond anonymously to the survey which encourages them to be open in sharing opinions. It will takes about 12 - 15 minutes to complete the survey, with most questions using a 5-point Likert response scale, alongside a few open-ended questions. 

The Performance Metrics

Organizations are not closing the manager information and performance gap without this survey which has prevented teams from realizing their full potential. In this whitepaper you'll learn: 

  • Why you are missing at least 50% of the data you need to maximize sales
  • The data gap that exists between employees and managers/leaders
  • What data is needed to show the effectiveness of managers 
  • How to obtain the right performance coaching data through TCE Survey 
  • The effect of quantifying a manager's coaching effectiveness 

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Hidden Performance Metrics
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5,000+ Surveys Conducted

And more than 800 sales leaders have been assessed by The Coaching Effect Survey


$4.3 Million

Is the amount more sold annually by teams who have leaders that score in the top 20% of coaching than other leaders

"The Coaching Effect Survey is very important for our ongoing sales growth. Our managers have a tremendous impact on team results and it helps them understand how they can improve their coaching effectiveness and impact.

As a Senior Leader, the survey allows me the opportunity to help my managers develop their skill sets, increase revenue, and become great coaches of their teams."

Mike W. Medical Device Company