Measure Sales Coaching Activities


A coaching methodology or process that is not measured for effectiveness or tracked for implementation is worthless. 



When ONE-UP tracks the coaching activities proven to grow sales, it ensures execution and reinforcement of education and training. 


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Compare the coaching activities and metrics housed in ONE-UP while correlating them to sales goal attainment through custom reports. 


Watch this video to learn more about ONE-UP® and how this tool can benefit your organization:

About the ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud  

After compiling more than 30,000 sales coaching interactions,  we know time and time again that the reason a team hits a goal (or does not hit a goal) is due to the efforts of the sales coach, not the sales rep.  Unfortunately, sales departments spend more emphasis, tools (such as a CRM), resources, training and education on the sales rep's activity and how well those activities are executed. 

Until now, no one had developed a tool to measure a sales coaching process with the capabilities to qualify and quantity the activities that a manager performs within that coaching process.  

That is why ONE-UP exists today as it focuses on those who most impact sales performance: The Sales Leader. Through the Coaching Cloud, executives will be better informed, sales managers will be better coaches and sales teams will be better producers.


Download this complimentary, one sheet descriptor detailing the importance of tracking coaching activities within  ONE-UP:

ONE-UP Descriptor

ONE-UP is for . . . 

The Manager

+ Insures high pay-off coaching activities are executed and tools utilized consistently

+ Real time data that provides the manager self-correcting performance feedback

+ Measurements that show if their coaching work is effective


The VP 

+ Provides coaching metrics that identify what is limiting or causing sales growth

+ 100% visibility into what a manager does well and opportunities for their growth

+ Data that shows if a manager is developing sales people, or just selling for them

+ A metric driven view across the management team comparing and correlating coaching behaviors to sales performance


The C-Level Executives

+ Full visibility into the coaching activities of your managers 

+ Personalized reports on your leadersip team's coaching activities with their sales teams

+ Coaching activity and sales goal correlations custom to the specific organization

+ Where the biggest opportunities to grow are at with numerical data to back them up

+ Direct, regular support and coaching from EcSell's client services team 


Want a LIVE demo of the ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud? 

Experience the coaching cloud like never before with one of the members of the EcSell Institute team.  These are experts who provide support and training to ONE-UP users every day in every way. Get an inside look at what  sales leaders across the world are using to track, measure and analyze sales coaching activities and how they correlate to sale goal attainment within one centralized location. 



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