4-step Coaching Process

4-step Coaching Process

(1) Measure - Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep (TTEOSR) survey – the only tool today that can benchmark how well a sales manager is coaching. 

(2) Education and Training - A full day and half, onsite academy spent to fully understand the five most essential activities proven to increase sales and productivity.

(3) Implemention and Execution - An implementation path is created that is unique to the organization’s business, the management objectives, and overall pace.

(4) Track and Analyze – Through the ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud – the first and only tool on the market that measures the quality and quantity of activities that a manager performs. 

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ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process - Measure

Our cutting-edge survey gives executive sales leaders a benchmark that allows them the access into how well (quality), and how often (quantity), their sales managers are coaching by asking the organization’s sales reps to provide feedback on their experiences with their front-line manager.

ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process Educate and Train

Attendees leave this academy learning more about coaching in a day in a half than they have in their entire management career. Managers will leave with a deeper understanding about the impact of coaching, the activities proven to grow sales and coaching best practices.

ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process Implement & Execute

This is your unique coaching playbook which ensures that the education and training just learned is on-going and reinforced. Without this effective follow-up strategy, your money and time spent on education and training is wasted.

ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process Track & Analyze

The ONE-UP sales coaching cloud provides sales leaders a highly scalable way to implement and track coaching effectiveness of the manager. Without measuring the  activities known to drive sales, managers have no way of knowing how to improve.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Learn why manager metrics are critical to your bottom line in this white paper.

     Coaching Measured

We Strive to Provide the Best Coaches for Our Clients

Stacia Jorgensen, Director of Research

Stacia leads all research initiatives such as the Survey your reps will take to provide feedback on their experiences with their front-line manager. She will then collect the results, analyze the data and create personalized reports and insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Sarah Wirth, VP of Client Services

Sarah is the reinforcement coach you’ve been missing out on. She analyzes the reports Stacia creates for each specific client, and then feeds sales leaders the insights they need to know about their organization’s “coaching health” to implement new methods for leading and coaching.

Kathy Collins, VP of Client Operations

No other company takes care of its clients better than Kathy. As the leader of EcSell’s ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud, Kathy oversees all client needs and support as well as plays a critical role in your organization’s data and tracking through the coaching cloud.

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