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Performance System

The Coaching Effect is a performance system consisting of a four-step coaching process that helps managers become high-performing coaches. The system can be performed as a whole or broken out step-by-step to meet you or your organization's management and leadership needs. Make your effect known by opting into one of our Coaching Effect Performance System programs. 

Coaching Programs

The 4-Step Coaching Process

The Coaching Effect Performance System is comprised of the following four steps that can be performed separately or together to create the most sustainable growth and behavior changes year after year.  


The Coaching Effect Survey* measures the coaching effectiveness of managers by surveying those that are most affected; the team members. This gives the most raw insight into how often and how well managers are coaching while providing a benchmark to build upon. Learn more about this step here

*Originally referred to as the Through the Eyes of the Team Survey in The Coaching Effect

The Coaching Effect Academy and Summit are intensive leadership events giving managers and leaders the opportunity to learn more about coaching than they have in their entire management career.
Also included in this step are quarterly coaching webinars facilitated by EcSell Institute leadership experts, a quarterly Coaching Insider, access to the Coaching Cloud Resource Center, and membership into the Online Coaching Effect Community.  
3) Implement

Nearly 84% of all training is lost in 30 days without proper coaching reinforcement, which is why EcSell Institute offers ongoing support and guidance customized to an organization's survey results and goals. This is only offered in our "Essential" and "Excellence" programs, which you can identify as a fit for you by taking The Coaching Effect quiz

4) Track

The Coaching Cloud provides managers with an innovative tool to organize and structure managers' coaching activities. It houses notes from coaching activities and provides coaching reminders as well as coaching feedback forms. It also provides reports that tell them about their coaching frequency and offers insights into their coaching effect with individuals on their teams, as well as offers improvement recommendations.

This is only offered in an "Essential" or "Excellence" programs


Complete transparency and real-time data into the coaching effectiveness of all leaders. With this visibility, you can identify where you have the biggest opportunities for growth and improvement while following a personalized coaching program that fits your developmental needs. Find out which program is the best fit for you by choosing your coaching effect in this quiz:

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Q: What makes EcSell Institute different from other sales or training companies?

A: EcSell Institute does not only specialize in training, but offers a holistic approach to helping managers become high performing coaches. We also support senior leaders with the data they need to make more informed decisions on how to sustain growth year after year through their leadership team, and remain the ONLY organization that quantifies leadership effectiveness. 



Q. What type of clients/industries does EcSell Institute work with? 

A: The EcSell Institute works with leadership teams across the globe representing a wide array of different industries. They range from insurance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, information services, oil and gas and many more. Company revenues range from 100 million+ to multiple billions with sales department head counts of 10 to 1,000. 



Q: How can I work with EcSell Institute if I'm a single manager of a small to mid-sized team? 

A: The "Engage Program" is the perfect program for you! It is one of our most popular programs for managers or leaders who want a more self directed, educational route and understanding of what it takes to become a high performance coach for their team members. 

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