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    Most of us never considered what we’d do if our entire leadership team had to lead remotely on an ongoing basis. It’s one thing to do it for a few weeks; it takes an entirely different plan if it’s going to last for months, a year, or even indefinitely. Simply put, leaders can’t just do what they’ve always done, as remote leadership presents new and different issues that require new and different skills.

    In this discussion moderated by EcSell Institute president, Sarah Wirth, we'll hear from three top leaders on how they're successfully navigating business in a remote world:

    Panelists include:

    1. Nikki Ivey, Sales Development at Emtrain and Co-founder of SDRDefenders
    2. Anita Nielsen, President at LDK Advisory Services and Author of Beat the Bots
    3. Chris Champagne, Founder & CEO of Champagne Consulting Group, Inc.

    NikkiNikki Ivey is in sales development at Emtrain and co-Founder of SDRDefenders. She has a passion for prospecting and the social savvy to turn relationships into revenue. With a decade of sales and marketing experience, she helps motivate SDRs to build their brands and break into opportunities with authenticity and empathy.

    ChrisChris Champagne is a Certified Sales Leader (CSL), Chris is a well respected facilitator, coach and overall sales enabler who is consistently recognized for his core values of trust, integrity, humility and professionalism, which is further enhanced through his 1-1 Coaching programs. Together this delivers both organizational and individual ROI. 

    AnitaAnita Nielson is a sales enablement consultant and sales performance coach with over 20 years experience in B2B Sales, Sales Support and Sales Enablement. Working with visionary Senior Sales Leaders to develop high-performance sales professionals prepared to increase profitable revenue and growth.

    Panel Facilitator: 

    2-1Sarah Wirth, President of EcSell Institute & Co-Author of The Coaching Effect 

    Sarah has a passion for leadership and its impact on the performance of teams.  She takes an analytical approach to understanding the skills and talents of high-performing sales leaders and is constantly providing EcSell members with new methods for leading and coaching. 

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