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    Ecsell Institute has one of the largest databases on leadership performance research in the world. We strive to share this research with you in practical, action-based ways. Check out some of our resources below and reach out to us if you can't find what you're looking for.

    The Coaching Effect Book
    The Coaching Effect
    This best-selling book shares the behaviors and activities leaders need to increase sales, enhance performance, and sustain growth.
    The Great Resignation white paper
    How to End the Great Resignation
    Learn the 3 warning signs that employees are on the cusp of leaving, plus 3 key actions to prevent it.
    white paper
    Case Study Cover
    Client Case Study

    A publicly-traded company worked with Ecsell Institute to create an 8-figure increase in their annual sales. 

    Case Study
    Activity Template-1
    4 Coaching Activity Templates

    There are 4 required coaching activities all leaders must do. We have a template for each one. 

    Hidden Performance Metrics
    Hidden Performance Metrics

    Find out what vital metrics and data leaders are missing in today's workplace.

    White paper
    40 Questions List
    40 Relationship Building Questions

    These questions for leaders & managers will help you have more meaning conversations with your team members. 

    Sales Growth Opportunities
    The 4 Quadrants

    See how little organizations are measuring the effectiveness of their leaders.

    Low Performing Manager Research
    The Cost of (De)Motivating Managers
    Find out how much money organizations are losing by keeping their low performing managers.
    Sales Coaching Quantity and Quality
    Coach More, Coach Better

    Get an inside look into what the best managers do differently with their teams to achieve higher results. 

    Looking for more research? We have a lot - just let us know what you need.
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