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    10 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Sales Coaching Summit

    by Anna Schott / March 15, 2018

    Sales Coaching Summit Sales conferences sound like the most boring events on the planet. There, I said it for you. But quite honestly, EcSell’s Sales Coaching Summit is far from boring. Most attendees leave saying it was the best investment they made for themselves, their team and their organization and some of those people weren't even in sales. Don't believe me? Read the testimonials at the bottom of this blog. 

    Here are 10 reasons why our sales coaching summit is unlike any other:

    1) Regain Mental Clarity: This event gives you the opportunity to regain your focus and implement strategies and tactics immediately after the event. Don’t worry, our last speaker of the event, Clinton Longenecker, Ph.D., will help you do just that.

    2) Quality Networking: You will meet and learn from other like-minded individuals in a similar role or industry that you work in. There will be a lot of high performers in the room so don't freak out.

    3) Hands-On Learning From Experts: You get to pick the brain of our presenters who are leading experts in the fields of sales coaching, leadership and psychology in Tuesday’s speed learning session.

    4) GET AWAY! You don’t have to kindly side step around Chatty Cathy or Negative Ned at the office for two whole days! You’re welcome.

    5) Work Hard, Play Hard: There’s just as much play as there is work that will go down at the downtown Nashville, lifestyle hotel you’ll be staying at. Think cocktail parties, dinner on Music Row and maybe some live music. Oh, and if you can swing dance then it's a requirement that you come. 

    6) You Can Sit With Us: Join the attendee favorite “Dine-Arounds” option where each EcSell team member hosts a dinner table with fellow attendees and sometimes presenters. I've already started recruiting. 

    7) Misery Loves Solutions: Attendees tend to outwardly realize that everyone has struggles and most will have solutions, ideas or systems to solve them. It must be the warm and welcoming environment we've created that loosens people up to share their strategies and war stories, whether you ask or not.

    8) Go MIA: You get to put your out-of-office responder on in hopes that the issue or meaningless question can get solved without you. 🙏🏻 

    9) A Top Performers (Productive) Panel: Sometimes panels can be pointless and you leave knowing no more than when it started. Not this time. Our panel was hand selected so that each top performer brings something of value to the table so that you leave a little smarter than before. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions, so make sure you elbow everyone in your path to get to the microphone first. I’m just kidding, you're better than that. But I'm not....

    10) You Will Never Feel Awkward: From the minute you receive your registration packet to the minute you leave the EcSell Institute team strives to make your experience as impactful, natural and worthy of your time out of the office. That’s guaranteed.

    So there you have it. A professional vacation you won’t want to miss. See? That wasn’t so boring after all. And if you need help selling this event to your boss or manager just slide this into their email inbox tomorrow morning: Organizations that invest in a leader's coaching effectiveness can add up to $4.1 million more in revenue per manager. 

    And if you need research to back it up, include this ebook explaining why coaching is no longer a soft skill but a metric-based, critical indicator for growth. thumb_IMG_6581_1024.jpg

    Everyone at EcSell Institute hopes to see you in Nashville. 


    *Being in "sales" is not a requirement for this event. 

    Past attendee testimonials: 

    • "The presenters were eye-opening for me. They inspired me, infused me with optimism and spoke EXACTLY to a couple of issues that we are struggling with today."  - 2017 Summit attendee 
    • "I felt that so many of the speakers were speaking directly to me about issues that I deal with daily -- both at work at in my personal life.  The daily stress of life can be challenging -- being able to take the time to spend solely on myself and begin to rethink how I look at things, how I approach conversations, etc. is critical and likely not something I would have done if I didn't attend this Summit." - 2017 Summit attendee 
    • "The best conference I attend!  EcSell provides great sessions which are always directly related to my profession." - 2017 Summit attendee 
    • "Honestly, I was a wet rag by the end of the program. You guys educated but more importantly you challenged and inspired. I am a better person for having spent time with you. Thank you so very much! I will be back!" - 2017 Summit attendee 
    • "All presenters were wonderful with relevant content we can implement and use right away." - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "Experiencing this summit with my team always provides great take aways from great speakers." - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "My pen was running out of ink taking notes and what that indicates. Also, generated 3 pages of to-dos related to speakers' content." - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "Hearing/seeing how sales leaders across industries share same struggles and how to resolve them. Great idea exchange - formal and informal." - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "I have really enjoyed the Summit and found content to be relevant and engaging and now I look forward to the growth of my team and myself as a leader as a result." - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "Loved the dine arounds - do those again!" - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "EcSell Institute is a wealth of information...use it!" - 2016 Summit attendee 
    • "I am walking away with many take-aways that will improve my coaching and be a better manager." -2015 Summit attendee
    • "The range of speakers and content was diverse and very relevant to growth (sustainable and long term growth)." - 2015 Summit attendee
    • "I learned a lot. I was worried that some of the context wouldn't be as relevant to me as I just transitioned from a sales role to the need of our marketing department but almost everything covered is applicable in my new role." - 2015 Summit Attendee 
    • "Access to great content that I likely would not have found on my own." - 2015 Summit attendee
    • "As a frequent presenter and event organizer, I was exceptionally pleased with the quality of all aspects of the Summit. As a learner, I'm excited to internalize, apply, and show what we've discussed." - 2015 Summit attendee
    • "The value is like the MasterCard commercial: Priceless" - 2015 Summit attendee

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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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