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    3 Things to Look Out for in 2018

    by Bill Eckstrom / December 19, 2017

    things to look out for in.pngAnna Schott, EcSell’s Director of Marketing, has summoned me to write about what our client and non-client community can look forward to in 2018. 

    This makes sense, but I found it a bit ironic because I’ve spent so much time in 2017 learning how to be present and find happiness in the moment (more on that in a later communication). Having said that, I would be remiss as a leader to not be dreaming and thinking about how we, through our work, can touch more lives.

    In 2018 we plan to do this in a variety of ways.  Our daily work with clients is our obvious passion, and their need to sustain growth is what drives our research and innovation. This has always been and will continue to be our primary focus. In addition to this, however, there are three areas of focus in 2018 that will evolve how we work, but more importantly, how we can positively change the lives of those with whom we work with.

    1) April 2018 Sales Leadership Summit

    We repeatedly hear from our Summit guests that these are life altering events.  April 10-11 marks our 10th anniversary Summit and as a result we have reengaged our two highest rated presenters in Summit history to join us with fresh messages on how YOU impact performance. 

    Dr. Peter Jensen, Olympic Sports Psychologist and Dr. Clint Longenecker, nationally renowned professor of leadership and consultant to the U.S. military are headlining the event.  In addition, Alice Heiman, arguably the most powerful woman in sales consulting, is taking the stage to tackle the topic that should interest everyone—“The Role of the Sales Leader in the Complex Sale”.  And, yours truly is going to open our Summit with a yet to be determined topic, but I assure you it will be pertinent to growth and high performance. 

    Due to the 10th anniversary we are going to honor some special people and do some special events with our guests.  Do not miss this!

    2) The Book: 

    Many of you are aware that Sarah Wirth and I submitted some of our work and were selected by a publisher to write a book on coaching.  Our work has been underway for about nine months and though the most challenging professional work I’ve ever done (speaking for myself and not for Sarah) we are confident it will also be highly rewarding. 

    The book will be based on our research and work with clients, detailing the why, what and how a sales coach impacts sales results.  Because all of you had a part in this, help us make it a best seller.

    You can get book updates here

    3) The Growth Rings: 

    Who would have guessed our TEDx Talk “Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life”, which introduces the Growth Rings, would go viral?  We sure didn’t.  The EcSell team put in countless hours to help me with this once in a lifetime opportunity and we were all rewarded.  When last reported, the average TEDx Talk receives about 2,500 views the first year, so our stretch goal, year one, was to achieve 15,000 views.  

    Thanks to all of you, the TEDx Talk received 15,000 views in 48 hours and as of month 10 has eclipsed 1,400,000 views (and is still being viewed about 3,500 times/day).

    Obviously, the Growth Rings and the science that shows “growth only occurs in a state of discomfort” resonated with people across the globe. As a result of this we are doing even more research and programming around this concept. Our job is not to tell clients what they want to hear, but to be a catalyst to get them out of order and into complexity, leading to discomfort, leading to growth.  Watch for the Growth Rings to play a more significant role in our client work.

    When on the speaking circuit I always share with leaders across the world… for your company to do something amazing, to be a world changer, you need world changing talent.  Imagine coming to work every day and having, at your disposal, a high growth coach.  Someone who knows how to help you get to places you thought were unattainable, and to grow in a way you thought was impossible. 

    To accomplish our lofty goal of forever changing the workplace, we need and have world changing talent at EcSell, without whom none of the above would have been accomplished.

    So, in the spirit of looking forward, but recognizing the present, look at your team and ask yourself “have I created a team that would allow me to write something similar to what I just read?” 

    We look forward to serving you in 2018 and beyond.


    Bill Eckstrom

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    Bill Eckstrom

    Bill Eckstrom

    William Eckstrom is the CEO and Founder of the EcSell Institute. Bill has spent his entire career in the sales management and leadership arena. In 2008, he founded the EcSell Institute to fill a void he witnessed and personally experienced in the sales leadership profession. He's went on to present a viral TEDx Talk and co-authored the best-selling book, "The Coaching Effect."

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