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    5 Facts About Our Sales Coaching Summit

    by Anna Schott / January 16, 2015

    audienceI’m constantly bombarded with emails about going to this and that yearly summit. Some sound interesting while some get deleted instantly. I used to think they were overrated and not a necessity. I’m also really terrible at committing to something so far in advance let alone a week in advance. I’ll admit it, I have commitment issues….to registering for events in the future that is.

                I went to my first summit this summer in Orlando, Florida for an organization I’m in. It’s amazing how those two or three days are somewhat life changing. You’re so intensely engrossed in one particular area that it opens your eyes to new and intriguing ideas and people. You end up wanting to tell everyone about it, but you don’t have the words to do the summit the justice it deserves.

    Here are five facts as to why I think you SHOULD attend a summit at least once in your life, especially the EcSell Institute’s 2015 Sales Coaching Summit.

    1) Networking: The people you meet at summits all have similar interests and experiences and have the ability to expand your network and circle of influence in your industry. You can create relationships that can ultimately help you in your professional and personal life. You just never know what can happen after meeting these like-minded people. The opportunities are endless.

    I personally like meeting people face to face. It gives me the opportunity to pick up on non-verbal cues and remember things better if I can put a face to information. In this case, you get to meet experts face to face and connect this way rather than through email or a phone call. Plus your more memorable to others too.

    Fearful of networking? No problem. Read this great article about how to better network at conferences (via LinkedIn Pulse, Founder & CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker)

    2) Your mind is challenged: Doing the same thing or the same processes day in and day out can become monotonous and boring. It’s like exercising. If you want to see change you have to challenge yourself. And voila! Results! Our summit is known for challenging new ideas, theories and techniques. Speakers will blow your mind and you will gain insights into innovative and creative ideas in the sales world.

    Knowledge is king and summits are a great way to challenge the knowledge you have and the knowledge you don’t. Read this great blog by Sarah Wirth, VP of Member Services at EcSell Institute, about this idea of challenges and complexity to drive a new level of performance and growth.

    3) Knowledge Gathering: What can be better than learning what’s working and what’s not working from some of the best of the best in the field. You can learn different strategies and solutions to some of your most difficult or challenging questions that you’ve been meaning to figure out. It’s harder to do it own your own though. More than likely, attendees and speakers tend to loosen up and will often share their opinions, ideas, strategies and even horror stories with you. This is an opportunity to learn what’s going on at the forefront of your industry. What a great way to better understand what’s working in the field and what’s on the horizon. Summits are a great way to get an insider look.

    4) Knowledge Sharing: I like to think of the speakers at an event as the celebrities. They’re cool, they’re hip and they seem to know it all. I love this component of a summit because they share knowledge in a more informal, understandable way. They add value to the event and create a huge morale booster. At the EcSell Institute Sales Coaching Summit you will have an opportunity to ask questions and pick their brains.

    Check out our rock star speakers for our upcoming summit here. You’ll want to bring a notebook, maybe a 1,000 page bound notebook at that.

    5) You can regain your focus: After two or three days of emerging yourself into a subject, you may become inspired, encouraged and recharged. It’s kind of like summer camp as a kid. You meet all these great people and learn so much you kind of don’t want to go home. It’s refreshing to get out of your element and get a chance to rest from the normal grind and reflect which we normally don’t get to do on a regular basis. That’s the beauty of these summits. They allow you to slow down, stop and reflect.

    - - -

    If these five facts don’t make you want to come to “thee” 2015 Sales Coaching Summit then I don’t know what will. Clear your schedule for May 5th-6th and come down to Scottsdale, Arizona to a life-changing, hands-on learning event that when implemented will forever change the output of a sales team. Trust me, you’ll want to make a commitment to this summit. I did.


    Learn more about Sales Coaching Summit here!
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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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