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    Announcing Our Newest Independent Sales Partner, Chris Champagne

    by Claire Eckstrom / August 5, 2019

    We are proud to announce and welcome our newest Independent Sales Partner, Chris Champagne. Chris will be responsible for representing all of EcSell Institute’s programming and services, including the Coaching Effect Survey, ONE-UP Coaching Cloud, the EcSell Methodology, Academies, and the annual Coaching Effect Summit.

    He will also be fully versed in EcSell Institute’s intellectual property and prepared for delivering keynotes & facilitating workshops. Chris has a unique talent for igniting sales transformation, both in mindset and skillset, of sales leaders and professionals. In 2005, he established Champagne Consulting Group Inc., a bilingual sales transformation, executive coaching, and consulting company focused on inspiring sales leaders and sales professionals to maximize their potential.

    With over 25 years in practical selling experience, Champagne Consulting Group delivers best-in-class sales training programs tailored to their clients’ needs.  Recognized for his core values of trust, integrity, respect and professionalism, Chris consistently builds mutually beneficial relationships and has a talent for generating exceptional sales results through a collaborative management approach.

    His proven history and consistent passion, allows him to continuously develop unique sales-enhancing tactics focused on understanding the customer, partner, and manufacturer, and unlocking their unique strategic potential!

    In a recent comment from Chris, he shared this, “Champagne Consulting is thrilled to be partnering exclusively in Canada with the EcSell Institute Team. Helping sales leaders maximize their coaching potential, and ultimately driving better sales performance, is a common thread in our beliefs and values. We’re looking forward to getting started!”

    Press Release

    Click here for more information on Chris and Champagne Consulting.

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    Claire Eckstrom

    Claire Eckstrom

    Claire brings her talents from the European luxury fashion industry to the EcSell Institute team as Director of Public Relations and Events.

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