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What ONE Book Would You Read for the Rest of Your Life? Here Are Our Picks.

Posted by Anna Schott

August 2, 2019

Every other Monday the EcSell Institute team gathers at the conference room table, or conference line, for a team meeting. An agenda is always sent out in advance in order to keep things moving at a productive pace and so team members can plan accordingly to the items of business that will be covered. 

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Topics: Leadership Lessons

Building Your Personal Brand to Drive Business (Part I)

Posted by Anna Schott

May 16, 2019

What do influencers and business owners like Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, Bill McDermott, and Richard Branson all have in common when it comes to their personal brands?

I posed this question during a personal branding breakout session I led at EcSell Institute’s 2019 Sales Coaching Summit (now rebranded as The Coaching Effect Summit) in Charlotte, NC back in April. There were some solid guesses, but no one guessed that all of these individuals have larger social media followings than the company brands they own, lead, or manage. Is that not crazy?!

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Topics: Personal Branding

“The Coaching Effect” - An Effect Businesses Can No Longer Ignore

Posted by Anna Schott

January 9, 2019

This week we proudly announced the release of our upcoming book, The Coaching Effect, written by EcSell Institute's very own Bill Eckstrom, President and Founder, and Sarah Wirth, VP of Client Services. 

Both authors have spent over a decade researching the activities, behaviors, and performance of leaders. They’ve studied more than 100,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, primarily of sales teams, and have been able to determine how coaching affects team outcomes and growth. 

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Topics: The Coaching Effect, Bill Eckstrom, Sarah Wirth

A Day in the Life of the 2018 Coach of the Year, Curt Reekers

Posted by Anna Schott

August 8, 2018

I am a complete sucker when it comes to learning about how successful individuals become such high performers. I'm intrigued by their morning routines, their productivity hacks and what book(s) sit on their nightstand.
I even want to know what they eat for breakfast and if they listen to podcasts on their commutes. The worst is when they don't disclose WHAT podcasts they are listening to. I need all the details. 
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Topics: Sales coaching resources, Sales Coaching Events, Coach of the Year

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Sales Coaching Summit

Posted by Anna Schott

March 15, 2018

Sales conferences sound like the most boring events on the planet. There, I said it for you. But quite honestly, EcSell’s Sales Coaching Summit is far from boring. Most attendees leave saying it was the best investment they made for themselves, their team and their organization and some of those people weren't even in sales. Don't believe me? Read the testimonials at the bottom of this blog. 

Here are 10 reasons why our sales coaching summit is unlike any other:

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Topics: Sales Coaching Summit, Leadership Development, Sales Coaching Events, Coaching Resources, Manager Resources

TEDx Talk: Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life (Transcript)

Posted by Anna Schott

February 7, 2017

(Full video transcript from Bill Eckstrom's TEDxUniversityofNevada Talk)

So I was on a roll — I was an executive with a nice salary, annual bonuses and stock options, all the perks. Everything was on track…

And on Monday, January 7th, 2008 at three o’clock in the afternoon, in a small conference room on the top floor of our building, the President of the company wanted to have a quick meeting with me which wasn’t unusual since he was my boss, but the meeting turned out to be even more brief than expected. 

He fired me. 

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Topics: Complexity Science, Growth, Growth Rings

What Sales Managers Actually Want For Christmas

Posted by Anna Schott

December 13, 2016

This blog is a follow up to a blog I wrote last year at this time called “What Sales Reps Actually Want For Christmas” which was inspired by one of our newest findings from our research about the impact managers have when applying positive pressure. 

The blog essentially boils down to the one thing that sales reps want for Christmas: coaching. Sales reps want and crave coaching from their managers. It drives motivation and productivity and ultimately more sales.  

In that "spirit", I though I’d share some of the responses we received from our recent survey asking managers what their manager/leader could improve on regarding his or her sales coaching skills.

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Topics: sales manager coaching, sales coaching, sales rep motivation, Sales Manager Motivation

The Impact of Sales Manager Coaching on Sales

Posted by Anna Schott

October 4, 2016

It is simply amazing to think of the effects coaching has on sales team performance. Some may roll their eyes when one uses the term “coaching” rather than “managing” but in all fairness, those are usually the types of archaic “leaders” who don’t believe that sales reps do what they are coached to do and not what they’re trained to do.

That is why EcSell chooses to only work with sales executives who know that their management team is the linchpin to their organization’s success. One of those forward thinkers agreed to partner with EcSell to implement the ONE-UP Sales Coaching Process back in 2014.

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Topics: sales manager coaching, sales coaching, sales coaching roi, Sales growth

Managing Millennials: How to communicate through feedback

Posted by Anna Schott

May 2, 2016

Do you have millennials working for you or maybe foresee them incorporated into your organization in the near future? Then here’s a juicy sales leadership tip learned from Dr. Karyn Gordon, an expert in the field of generational differences, at the 2016 Sales Coaching Summit in Vegas last month: Don’t wait to give millennials feedback until their annual performance reviews - which don’t work anyway (more on that topic in my last blog). Instead, make an effort to continually engage and communicate with them in meaningful, effective ways.

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Topics: managing millennials, Millennial feedback, Managing GenerationY

3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Motivate and Engage with Millennials

Posted by Anna Schott

April 11, 2016

Millennials. Some say they're entitled, lazy, unfocused, flighty, impatient, etc. Maybe you’ve used them to describe someone you know. But have you actually taken the time to decipher why millennials think and behave the way they do?

Dr. Karyn Gordon, a widely recognized expert for her work specializing with young people, specifically Gen Y and Z, was a keynote speaker at EcSell’s sales coaching summit last week and spoke on the topic of understanding, coaching and motivating those in Generation Y. 

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Topics: managing millennials, Motivating Sales People, Coaching millennials, Motivating Millennials

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