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    Conferences and Coaching: Takeaway or Take a Hike?

    by Sherri Daubert / April 10, 2014

    sherri_dauber_large Every April, EcSell Institute puts on our Sales Coaching Summit which is all about inspiring ways to help our community of executive sales managers become better and more efficient at coaching. We have some pretty powerful coaching and management experts present at these gatherings and we get great feedback that the time spent at these conferences is akin to buying a car.     It’s new, it’s exciting, you can’t wait to get home and test drive everything about it.    And if you happen to have your whole team there with you, they get it as well.   But for the team members at home or those who work under you and might be questioning exactly why they have to implement this right away?    Well they missed drinking the KoolAid that day and to them you just look like an over excited hot mess of humanity and they hope that things return to normal soon.   

     It’s easy to afflict your home team with post-conference stress disorder.    There are so many great presenters and ideas flowing freely, you will want to try and capture them all.  After all the point of attending Summit is to network, learn and come away with new coaching ideas and strategy.    But it’s important to develop a pre-game plan to implementing all the great knowledge you are bound to come away with or you risk coming home and overwhelming your team.   Instead of maximizing those pearls you will likely get nothing done at all.   And wouldn’t that be a shame?  Here then,  according to John Bonini marketing director of IMPACT and author of the coined term “ hot mess”  is the right way to do it.


     Keep Your Team Informed


    If you want to purposely destroy office morale and eliminate any potential of them buying into your new found wisdom, then by all means stroll in on Monday after the Summit and announce from on high, all the changes that need to be implemented immediately.   

    “We found a new coaching software and we bought it”

    “We decided to revamp our entire sales process because of it.  It’s going to be great!”

     Collaboration is the thing that leads to a really great environment and a really great environment is what will bring about change.   If key members of your team were at the Summit with you, plan a meeting as soon as you return to the office, during which takeaways can be discussed and ideas can be then tossed around to see which ones, if any, have the potential to stick. 

    For the members and staff who weren’t able to be there, do a good job of providing a clear summary of what you have learned and explain why you think it is important for them, as well as the rest of the team to consider implementing these ideas. 


    The Three R’s of Implementation

    Before you stroll in to revamp and revise, take a moment to sit down and run any ideas and takeaways you have through the three R’s to help you determine what is a “keep” and what is a “pitch.”

    1)    RELEVANT

    Identify which elements of the Summit apply to your company and your resources.   Great presenters know their audience and tailor their talk to them in an attempt to cover all the bases.  The trick then is to identify at what point they are speaking directly to YOU.   Have clarity about who you are and you will know which tips will work best for you and your company. 



           Having unrealistic goals could be worse than not having any at all.     The best advice?  Don’t envision the end without thinking about the middle. Take the time to talk to your team and understand what they are capable of right now.  Work together to determine what really can be implemented and then set a timetable to do so. 


    3.) REFINED

           Everything in life needs a bit of refinement doesn’t it?   Not one thing out there is perfect and the same goes for any great advice you garnered from Summit.  Once you have an idea of what you are capable of and the team agrees, refine it down to be consistent with your current plan.


    Once you are in agreement over the 3 R’s develop your own process to implement and anticipate the transition that comes along with anything new.  Giving your team the time to adjust and letting them make the Summit ideas their own not only makes you a great manager, it makes you a smart one as well.  


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