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EcSell's 2016 New Client of the Year Winner Announced

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

April 26, 2016

D&B receiving award

Dun & Bradstreet received the New Client of the Year award at this year’s EcSell Institute Sales Coaching Summit. This award goes to the client that has started working with EcSell in the past year that has demonstrated the greatest collective engagement with the attitudes and behaviors that advance sales coaching.

What Dun & Bradstreet has accomplished in the way of coaching activities since their partnership with EcSell is quite impressive.

A glimpse of the coaching work they have achieved in their first year of engagement includes:

  • Each D&B sales manager having invested more than 20 hours of time learning how to improve their sales coaching skills.
  • Each D&B senior sales leader having invested at least 6 hours of time learning how to support their sales managers’ coaching skills.
  • Conducting more than 2,000 (yes, 2,000!) one-to-one meetings in the ONE-UP Coaching Cloud in just seven months.D&B receiving award

We get excited about being able to hand out this award. We know that being a sales coach is a demanding job. Doing the things that make you a more successful sales leader makes that job even more demanding. Completing one-to-one meetings, team meetings, joint calls, and sales call evaluations, and doing them in a quality way, takes discipline and caring. As sales leaders, we understand the importance and the impact of recognizing our sales reps who put in the work to get the job done well but often times, the work being done by sales managers to support their sales reps is overlooked. Recognition of this kind commitment to coaching deserves an applause.

All of us at the EcSell Institute would like to extend a hearty congratulation to the team of sales leaders at Dun & Bradstreet. Well done!

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You can find the full list of award winners in our press release attached here.

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