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    Remarkable Coaching: A Conscious Choice

    by Bill Eckstrom / February 26, 2015

    “Most people will choose the route that is safe and secure because that is the normal choice.  Normal, expected choices lead to a very normal life and career.  A remarkable career is available for everyone willing to give him or herself permission to choose the unexpected and deviate above the norm.”

                Owen Roberts, GM Microsoft Licensing

    A powerful message, a message that should resonate with many, but sadly won’t.  Perhaps some naturally select a more complex route, one where the outcome is not so well defined.  And, based on my subjective views it would appear those who chose this remarkable path, for them the journey began when they learned something new. They heard a message, listened to a mentor, attended an event—they put themselves in a position to learn something remarkable!

    How about you?  How long has it been since you’ve done something remarkable in your career?  How long has it been since you’ve chosen the path less travelled, made a decision that ruffles feathers, made a conscious choice to learn something new that will change a behavior or thought?

    Because of the work we do at EcSell, multiple times a year I have the opportunity to engage with thought leaders of some sort.  Brilliant minds like Dr. Bret Simmons, Bill Benjamin, Dr. Jack Singer, Karyn Garossino, Dr. Peter Jensen and more have allowed me, through interaction and education to continuously choose a more remarkable route.   At our company, because we are such emphatic believers in constant development we also make the same names and learning opportunities available to the entire sales leadership profession.  Many take advantage, but not as many as one would think.  Presented the opportunity to elevate one’s game, to make a more lasting impact on those with whom one works, the ability to learn how to have a team sell more stuff—and so many are just “too busy”.

    Fine.  I elect not to be.  I elect to have no excuses and continue to be fascinated by what I don’t know.  At 53 years of age there is so much I don’t understand, so much more to learn about motivation of people and teams.  I want to learn how to be a more effective coach for the way I do it today is not perfect.  None of us at EcSell are finished products, and we act accordingly.

    Thank you Dr. Clint Longenecker, Rochelle Carrington, Tony Jeary, Amar Sheth and Scott Bornstein; thank you for agreeing to share your knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm to those who are willing to listen and learn this May in Scottsdale, AZ.  We can assure you that those who attend the upcoming Coaching Summit have already elected and are desirous of a more remarkable route. 

    “Give yourself permission to challenge assumptions, to look at the world with fresh eyes, to experiment, to fail, to plot your own course, and to test the limits of your abilities.”

                Tina Seelig


    Learn more about the EcSell Coaching Summit

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    Bill Eckstrom

    Bill Eckstrom

    William Eckstrom is the CEO and Founder of the EcSell Institute. Bill has spent his entire career in the sales management and leadership arena. In 2008, he founded the EcSell Institute to fill a void he witnessed and personally experienced in the sales leadership profession. He's went on to present a viral TEDx Talk and co-authored the best-selling book, "The Coaching Effect."

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