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    by Kathy Collins / May 11, 2015

     Clint_3.jpgDr. Clinton Longnecker inspired the audience last week during the EcSell Institute's 2015 Spring Sales Coaching Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. It was just too good not to share with you today!  His message focused on the challenge that everyone is busy...but busy doing what?  How can leaders get better results in a shorter period of time? We are all working hard to do the right things to cause higher levels of performance. Our organizations look to us to make a difference...but we need to learn faster. Organizations that adapt quicker than their competitors are the ones that come out on top. We have full responsibility to reach that result.

    "We burn up people's minds, but in the process diminish their motivation." - Dr. Clinton Longnecker

    1. Pace has increased...
    2. Competition has increased..,
    3. Time to get it all done has decreased...

    When you are too does it affect you? According to Dr. Longnecker, it is critical to BE STILL and clear your mind on a daily basis in order to maximize our time and performance. In addition to preparing your mind, it is vital to remember the good things your are thankful in your life in addition to what needs to get done. This helps us keep perspective on what is truly important and what why we work so hard.

    Here is how to begin... with the Daily S.T.O.P. (Sit. Think. Organize. Perform)

    1. Start by creating your list of results/key activities that you must accomplish each day. List EVERYTHING you want to get done. 

    2. Now...realistically estimate the time that you will need to accomplish each activity.

    3. Determine who will be needed to get each task done.

    4. Decide what should come off of your list until a later date, deleted or dropped all together.

    5. Then, prioritize your current list and develop a plan for attack (be sure to protect your productivity by only focusing on your high-priority activities.)

    6. Take a 1/2 time timeout to reassess your progress and performance and then adjust and re-prioritize

     if necessary.

    7. End each day by reviewing progress and prioritize and prepare for what is coming the next day!

    "If you continue to do what you always have done, you will always get what you always got."-The Wizard of Oz

    If we followed you around for a week, would we see a strong correlation between what you are trying to achieve and your daily behavior?

    People get 'short changed' all of the time with the amount of time that we give them. Having a lack of focus in what we are doing, we can become very ineffective in what we do. Being un-focused takes your time away from effective coaching opportunities and time you could be spending with your team members.

    The following are some on-point coaching tips that resulted from our discussion with Dr. Clinton Longnecker last week:

    1. Know your people.

    2. Help your team members make progress through meaningful work.

    3. When your in the in the room.

    4. Pay attention to what's going on around your organization, celebrate your team member's successes.

    5. Know your values, your mission, set the right example every day with your team members.

    6. Offer your leadership as a resource as a coach.

    7. Take time to stop and think every day. 

    8. Encourage your team's individuality.

    9. Keep your team members accountability by creating a plan for and with your sales reps.

    10. Set aside for personal growth opportunities.

    11. Don't be afraid to show your failures, and learn from your mistakes.

    12. Your actions of being committed to excellence will affect the team internally and clients and prospects externally.

    13. Remember that this is about the customers.

    14. Stay relevant to your team.

    For more information on the Ecsell Institute, our 2015 Spring Summit in Scottsdale or how to become a better sales leader through coaching, please go to

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    Kathy Collins

    Kathy Collins

    Kathy Collins is the VP of Client Success at EcSell Institute. She currently handles software maintenance, client needs and support and all company operations. As an empowered facilitator, she dedicates her work to efficiently improving upon strong organizational process and the corresponding measurement and tracking that coincides.

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