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    Performance Coaching: Lessons from an Olympian

    by Sherri Daubert / February 13, 2014

    Its February here in the Midwest and that means cold, cold, cold.  A high of 7 degrees today to be exact, and for those of you in much warmer climes, may your palm trees snap in half from those gently swaying breezes.   And I mean that in the nicest possible way.   So what does that have to do with anything?  Well there isn’t much to smile about when it’s this cold unless you just happen to be passionate about performance coaching.    Because right now the Winter Olympics are showing us each and every day the results that great coaching can produce.    Great coaching like the kind that Karyn Garossino brings forth.

    Performance Coaching and High Performance

    There are many parallels to be drawn between what we do at the EcSell Institute with coaching sales executives and the world of the Olympics.   But there may be no one better to draw those comparisons than Karyn Garossino,  former Olympian now turned trainer and presenter with Performance Coaching.   

    Each year in April, we gather our members and guests together for a spring summit that brings some of the world’s foremost experts to us as keynote speakers.  Karyn Garossino is one of those experts.   She excelled in the intense world of high performance sport as a competitive figure skater with a career spanning ten years of international competition, including five world championships and culminating as a 1988 Olympian and Canadian champion.   

    But one of the most exciting things about Karyn lies in the fact that she is uniquely positioned to bring the highly learnable lessons from the world of sport into the corporate arena.   Recently Karyn sent a video invitation that she did for our Summit and the simplicity of her message was stunning.   So much so I felt compelled to share. 

    High Performance is not about performing when it’s ideal.   It’s about performing when it’s not. “ 

    And as Karyn continues to note, most of the time things are not ideal.     In her invitation to attend the Summit, she poses the following questions:

    1. Have you ever wondered how athletes do it?  Train those long hours?  Battle back from injury and disappointment?  Execute under the most intense pressure?
    2. Are you curious about how the coach brings out the very best in their athletes under the most challenging circumstances?
    3. Do you want to know what makes the difference between success and failure?  Between health and burn out?
    4. Do you have the skills necessary to create healthy high performance environments?

    But according to Karyn and it’s what you’ve always known.  It all begins with you.    At the Summit, she plans to take the emphasis off the team and focus on you the executive, first, as a performer.   What do you need to do and who do you need to be in order for those around you to be successful?    According to Karyn the answer in part, resides in mental fitness and resilience , the two key fundamentals in any performer.    Do you have those?   Can you get them?   Can you develop those in your sales team? The answer is yes.

    Igniting Greatness

    Igniting greatness is ultimately what coaching is all about.   It’s what we live and breathe all day, every day at EcSell,  but it’s a page we can take from Karyn as well.    How do you do it?   How do you get your team to commit to reaching their full potential?  The good news is it’s a teachable skill.   Luckily for us and maybe you too, we will have the opportunity to hear her present and takeaway that very lesson.     And whether it’s seven degrees or 77 where you are right now, knowing performance coaching is something you can learn and execute?  Well, that can make you smile.

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