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    Research: Data, Power and Integrity

    by Stacia Jorgensen / May 13, 2014

    superhero_woman_flyingI’ve blogged it before and I’ll blog it again…data is such a powerful tool to have at our disposal.  As with any power, however, a measure of solid ethics needs to be in play.  Just like FDR proclaimed, “great power involves great responsibility.” Comic books are full of examples of how people with amazing abilities have the potential for their power to be turned towards the dark side.  The same goes for data.  While there are almost limitless ways one can gather, cut, and report on the information we researchers collect, there’s also the potential for things to get Lex Luther in a hurry.

    Recently I was surfing the Web and ran across this blog about how easily one can be less than honest when reporting data:

    This blog specifically shows examples of how visualizations – things like graphs and charts – can be tweaked in ways that distort the truth of the data. There are several great examples here of how, despite being technically correct, the data is reported in such a way that the truth really isn’t being told.  The power of data is being used in a nefarious way.

    Here at EcSell, we understand the power we wield when reporting data from our research endeavors such as the Through the Eyes of the Rep Survey.  When data is involved, our number one priority is to be transparent and principled in our analysis, interpretation and reporting.  We make Peter Parker and Captain America our peer group rather than the Jokers who are out and about.  That pun right there was intentional.

    There are two main reasons this topic of the power of data is the core of this blog.  First, as consumers of information, we should all have a basic understanding of how data works so that we ingest the good stuff and ignore the bad. This isn’t a topic exclusive to just sales coaches.  This is an issue that affects all of us as we attempt to understand the world around us.

    Second, we have been having exciting discussions involving data around the EcSell water cooler.  Recently, EcSell released the new and much anticipated ONE-UP coaching cloud. This tool has the capacity for capturing an invaluable kind and amount of data that was never previously accessible. We will be able to examine in more precise detail the specific sales coaching practices that empirically impact performance.   In a nutshell, the data that this tool will output has amazing potential power.  It’s no exaggeration when I say the findings from this tool have the impact to change the face of sales coaching leadership from our current understanding.

    As we continue to hone this tool, the need for creating meaningful, honest, and scrupulous information generation is at the forefront of our minds. We promise to stay in good superhero company. We can’t wait to share the insights accessible by the OneUp platform in the coming months.



    For more information on ONE-UP and the EcSell Institute, please check out the link below:

    ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud has been Created Exclusively for Sales Leaders

    The EcSell Institute has created the ONE-UP sales coaching cloud for those who wish to become more adept at leading and coaching teams to a higher degree of skill and success. ONE-UP provides a research based coaching methodology, tracks implementation of high pay-off coaching activities, and measures coaching effectiveness.   Click here to watch a powerful video about ONE-UP and the impact managers can have on their sales team.

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    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen brings an array of experiences and invaluable expertise in data collection, analysis, and research reporting to the EcSell Institute as the Director of Research. As part of her role, she leads all research initiatives, the creation of coaching performance assessments, and was instrumental in helping EcSell translate coaching into a series of measurable metrics. Stacia’s goal is to help EcSell’s clients discover actionable insights surrounding coaching effectiveness that allow them to achieve the highest levels of performance. Her research discoveries now provide sales leaders a never seen before view of team performance that is changing how teams are coached, led and managed. Supporting EcSell’s highly collaborative culture, Stacia also brings her analytical and thoughtful perspective to every department within the EcSell organization.

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