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    Re:Think Sales Coaching

    by Anna Schott / October 6, 2015

    TEDxLincoln-000333-editedAs I looked up the speaker lineup for this year’s TEDxLincoln I became extremely hopeful that I would come out of the day Re:Thinking my community, my work and my world like the theme suggested. It turns out I did and one speaker in particular made me think about our clients and other front line managers who understand and execute our sales coaching methodology as well as those who use our sales coaching cloud, ONE-UP .

    The speaker was Hunter Radenslaben. A high school student who became the voice behind a successful Twitter account, @AthleteNation, where he began to share inspirational and uplifting messages through the use of social media while his mother was battling several bouts of cancer. Sadly his mother passed in 2013, but Hunter continued to use his Twitter account as a positive, powerful platform that impacted millions of people every month and gained thousands of followers.

    As I wiped the tears from my eyes and listened to the rest of Hunter’s emotional, yet inspiring talk I began to believe that you and I can have the same mission has Hunter. We all have the ability to spread positivity, faith and hope even when times are tough. How? Through the platforms we have on hand to us today. Whether you’re a front line sales manager, a student, a mother or a coach, the opportunity is right infront of us.

    EcSell Institute research says time and time again that the relationship between a manager and rep is by far one of the most important relationships to build trust and maximize performance. But are managers really taking the time to curate these relationships and motivate reps with positivity, faith and hope? Though managers give it lip service, results from our Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep Assessment disagrees. Only a select few take the necessary steps to create close relationships with reps.TEDxLincoln_Speaker_Hunter_Radenslaben

    So why is it that managers forget that they have the capability through the platforms before them – email, text, phone, paper and pen – to make a difference? I personally believe it’s because many are scared to be vulnerable and show emotions outwardly (otherwise known as being soft and squishy). But wait a minute! Hunter took the time to send out messages virally that were positive, faith oriented, full of hope and inspirational and by no means did he come off looking weak. Ironically it turns out to be quite the opposite. He created a monster, a positive one at that, which has the ability to encourage and sometimes entertain those who need it most.

    Hunter’s talk was titled “One Man Can Change the World” and he’s a living testimony of it. He took a platform like Twitter and created something positive. Sales managers can do the same. They can shoot off emails, texts or notes to their reps that are meaningful, motivating and positive even when times are tough. Managers can also use platforms like ONE-UP , a cloud-based sales growth solution, that implements and tracks a coaching methodology, measures effectiveness, and houses the tools that helps managers move sales UP. This tool allows sales managers the ability to provide better sales coaching than ever before. NEWS ALERT: It’s a platform that can make a difference whether it’s increased performance, stronger relationships and/or sales growth.

    In conclusion, I hope you can take away a couple nuggets of inspiration or helpful tips to inspire others like Hunter has. In the meantime, I’m using this platform, blogging, as a way to help, inform and motivate you all to make a difference in someone's day or maybe life. If I have the platform to do so, why not take my own advice? What platform will you use?

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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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