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    Sales Coaching: A Tale of a Savvy Sales VP

    by Sherri Daubert / November 6, 2014

    Once upon a time, a savvy sales VP decided she wanted to improve her sales team performance by instilling a company culture of coaching.        A great coach surely would get her people all the latest and very best in sales methodology so she enlisted the aid of the finest sales trainers and consultants in all the land.   They trained, they learned, and the savvy sales VP even went so far as to get an app, where she and subsequently her managers could do on demand coaching with her people through their smart phones.    Very efficient, very techy and very cool.  

     Except it wasn’t.   The reps did learn all the newest methods but when it came time to apply their new found skills much to the savvy sales VP’s surprise,  sales performance stayed the same, quotas weren’t met, and no one’s behavior really seemed to change no matter how many times the managers communicated with them through the app.     The savvy sales VP was left to ponder how other organizations were tackling coaching and if maybe the whole coaching thing was just a buzzword or a trend.   So she checked it off her list as tried it, completed it, doesn’t work.       

    That isn’t how the story should end.    At EcSell Institute we know that to build world class sales teams you need a strategic coaching methodology that can be sustained.  Here is what our savvy VP missed:

    •   Strategic coaching isn’t just for the reps.   A successful coaching culture  begins and quite frankly ends with the sales manager 
    •   Coaching is a science and needs to be executed as such.  Measure, educate, train, implement,        track and analyze, and measure again. 
    •   And the most important?  Great coaches know that while coaching can be broken down,  strategized  and tracked, successful coaching is all about people and relationships.   And while not  entirely  impossible, it’s a little difficult to do through an app.  

     The moral of the story?   Coaching is more than a feel good tactic and learning and executing the latest thing in sales methodology.   If your sales training efforts haven’t grabbed on and your team is not performing at their maximum level, sometimes like Snow White, the mirror may not be your friend.  It can be difficult to acknowledge that the creation of a coaching culture depends entirely on you.      But one thing you may depend on is our ability to track and analyze any coaching methodology you choose with our sales coaching cloud technology called ONE-UP.   Because whether it’s our coaching program you select or another, just knowing you as the savvy sales VP, accepts that adopting a strong coaching culture is not just one way to go, but perhaps the only way?  Well, that’s what will let us all live happily ever after.   

    For extra reading on the subject of sales coaching, an additional blog post of note by Len D' Innocenzo of Corporate Sales Coaches,  5 Key Sales Coaching Tips.

    To  learn more about our sales coaching cloud technology and how you can track and analyze your coaching methodology: 

    Learn More About ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud ONE-UP Descriptor  

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