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    Sales Coaching: As a Leader, what is your value?

    by Sherri Daubert / August 14, 2014

     “Your value is what you can do to help someone else address an opportunity or solve a problem that matters to them.”

                                                                                    Dr. Bret Simmons




    As a sales management leader involved in sales coaching you know the value of your reps and what each individual brings to your organization.  But what about your value?    When you think about your priorities are you first and foremost a coach or a manager?  The goal of either is increased sales performance of their teams but perhaps the very best way to achieve that is to understand not their value but your own.   

    Starbucks anyone?

    Dr Bret Simmons, renowned management and leadership expert has an interesting litmus test that could help you determine your own value and if you are a manager or a coach.

    “If you and I were to meet and have coffee for 30 minutes every day for the next year, could you share something with me that would help me to learn something new?”


    As you read that question what was your first instinct?  Did you hesitate? A year of coming up with something new to teach someone seems like a very long time doesn’t it?   And if your focus is more system centric than human it might even seem a little crazy. But according to Dr. Simmons, your response should be a resounding yes and there should be no hesitation from you in doing so.    

    Sales Manager or Sales Coach?

    At EcSell Institute we believe nothing impacts performance more than coaching.   That said then, it all begins with you.    If your focus is on being a sales manager instead of a sales coach, answering the above question might have been amusing to you.   With the business responsibility that you have it’s easy to believe that spending your time managing the numbers, studying the cost of a sale, and tracking new business are just a few of things that should occupy your time each and every day.     And if that approach is what defines you,  who has time to have a 30 minute conversation every day, let alone teach someone something new?  The truth though is that daily conversation with your rep shouldn’t last a year, it should last ten or twenty.   That becomes possible when your thinking shifts from managing to coaching.      

    Your value, a quick test of who you are 

    If you can teach someone something new every day then you are on your way to becoming a coach.  The material isn’t always new and is often repurposed and repackaged but when, as Dr. Simmons notes, you help your reps address an opportunity or solve a problem that matters to them, it’s your value that is making the difference.   Your value becomes your currency and that’s something you can take to the bank.


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