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Sales Coaching: Does Your Team Inspire You?

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

July 30, 2014

Bill_Eckstrom_Headshot_2014_sSarah left yesterday.  Her husband’s company moved its HQ’s down interstate 35 about three hours, so she, the kids (Miles and Emmett), and their two dogs (Essie and Murphy) are starting a new home life in a bordering Big 12 state.  No, she is not leaving the EcSell team, our members, and her role has not changed.  She will do everything she’s always done for our members and our team.  So, why am I melancholy today?

Her departure really caused me to think.  Not about how we will make it happen with her working remotely, not about the impact it will have on our team—those are important, but items I know we are all committed to make work, and she is too freakishly talented to allow any other outcome.  Moving her office 200 miles south has made me realize her most important contribution is simple:  Sarah inspires me, she inspires our entire team.  Because of the way she goes about her work, my game has been elevated, as are the games of her colleagues.

She inspires in so many ways it would take too many blogs to share how she positively contributes to me and our team.  Our shared vision of helping our members build world class sales coaching teams would not have been created or could not be executed without her brilliance.  Her vision of “what can be”, outweighs her ability to execute “what needs to be done today” (which she also masters).  She is the epitome of what we preach regarding performance and always strives for excellence for herself and our members.  

If you are in any sales leadership role, here is what you need to know.  Just like those you hire, Sarah and I elected to work together.  Either of us could have said “no” three years ago when we began discussing professional futures, but as it turns out, we both wish to work with only those who are inspirational—so the fit was there.  You can make the same conscious decision about those on your team.  Elect to hire and work with only those who inspire you.

The people with whom you work either inspire you or they don’t.  Some perhaps more than others or in different ways, but if they don’t inspire you, you won’t be driven to help them succeed-which is how teams become most successful. I’ve said this before, but it is worthy of repeating: High performance should not be equated with hitting a sales goal, hitting goal is what sales managers get paid to do. Maximizing performance of a team, however, is the essence of a sales manager’s role—always keeping in mind what earns a check, but more importantly seeking “what could be”.

In the above spirit, sales leaders/managers aren’t going to maximize the performance of their team if they are not inspired by them (click here to read previous blog on sales team performance).  We must help those on our team grow, help them achieve results that are not achievable without working side by side.

I’ve chosen only to work with inspirational people.  At EcSell we’ve created a whole team of them—from our intern to Sarah, they all inspire me.  We’ve goofed before, we’ve not been perfect.  But, we strive for perfection and have put in place the management processes and tools that put the odds of finding and working with inspirational people in our favor.  Have you?

Electing and executing against this is not a pipe-dream, it is can be a chosen reality, but it begins with the sales leader.  Set the tone, develop the environment, the culture of having an inspirational team and you will discover two items:

  1. How much fun it is to work every day
  2. How much more gets sold

Not bad outcomes.


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