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    Sales Coaching is for the Fearless

    by Anna Schott / June 23, 2015

    Sales Coaching Fearlessness.jpgShe didn’t even think twice or ask me to repeat the directions. She was determined, excited and up for the challenge. It wasn’t just the attention that she craved, but the feeling of accomplishment and an emerging confidence.

    I’m describing my four-year-old niece that I had the chance to swim with this weekend. As a former lifeguard and swimming instructor, I know a thing or two about teaching children how to swim. It’s like riding a bike. I knew exactly how to use terms that she could relate to which allowed her to execute numerous strokes as well as learn new ones on the first try. Her capabilites for her age amazed me.

    The one thing that separates my niece from all the other four-year-old swimmers is her fearlessness. She’s not scared to try new things; therefore, she’s able to skip levels that kids twice her age are struggling to pass.

    Then I had an AHA! moment. I thought to myself, “Think of what we all could do if we didn’t fear fear itself?” Then my mind instantly related to the Sales Coaches we work with at the EcSell Institute. You know what separates these coaches from the rest? Their lack of fear and the determination to pass “levels”, or in this instance, their competitors.

    I like how Tony Robbins describes fear with two successful students who are self-made multi-millionaires who talk with Tony about the commonality of traits among successful people (minute 7).


    Fear is one of the main contributing factors as to why sales leaders today refuse to work with us and join the prospering EcSell community. They either fear change, or they fear the reality of our research, or they fear they cannot execute what we know to increase performance and revenue. Others are up to the challenge. For example, take a look at this case study. After working with this sales leadership team, they delivered sales results that went from flat to over 20% growth.

    I think this statement from a blog post in the HuffingtonPost says it best:

    “Fearless is what great business leaders are, fearless is what great athletes are, and fearless is the attitude that's needed from a future president, prime minister or other major leader . . . It has been said that fear is a great motivator, but I'm finding our fearful frenzy today to be debilitating. If we all stopped being a little less afraid (and believe me, I know there's plenty to fear), maybe we could make real change and enjoy the risky business of life once again.”

    Where are you on the spectrum of fear? Are you as fearless as my four-year-old niece or maybe amid those overloaded with fear and stagnation? Jump on in the water and become a great Sales Coach leading a world-class sales coaching team with the help of the EcSell Institute. The water only takes a little bit getting used to. No need to fear.


    If the EcSell Institute can help you with any sales management or sales coaching initiatives then please feel free to reach out to us, connect with us on LinkedIn or follow more of our sales coaching blogs. We can help sales departments grow sales and increase performance by working exclusively with sales managers and providing the right resources, tools and best practices to help you HIT THE NUMBER. Reach out today!

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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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