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    Sales Coaching: Learning, Recharging, and Networking

    by Stacia Jorgensen / March 18, 2014

    Stacia_sIn my last blog I compared tax season to the benefits of providing regular and documented feedback to sales reps.

    In that same blog, I contemplated adding a final cutesy line that read, “Now excuse me while I go and find a tax accountant to befriend.”  I know…the wittiness is almost too much.  In fact, it was too much and I decided to leave it off.  While I had meant it in jest, it would be nice to have an acquaintance that wouldn’t mind sharing some of their knowledge in this field. 

    This past Saturday, I attended a social function as part of my spouse’s work.  The event consisted of a social hour prior to a formal dinner.  We chatted with several lovely couples from across the country. I learned about the places they live, their college experiences, and what they do for a living.   Sometimes meeting new people in these sorts of situations is a bit forced.  That night, it was quite enjoyable.   There was one gentleman, a CPA from the west coast, who was particularly pleasant to get to know. 

    As we were driving home that evening, my spouse and I joked about how nice it would be to become better friends with the CPA gentleman.  And it reminded me of the omitted part of my last blog.   This social situation presented me with a tax accountant to befriend.

    Social networking is such a powerful tool. This experience has me looking even more forward to the EcSell Institute Coaching Summit coming up in a few weeks. For myself, I see Summit as an invaluable opportunity for three main reasons:

    First, it’s a time to learn about the newest and best practices in the world of sales coaching.  In our current world of rapid-fire, ever-evolving technology and information, it’s the perfect chance to leave the daily grind behind and focus in on information that will help me be better.   As a manager, you know the importance of coaching your reps. Managers benefit from coaching, too.

    Second, Summit is a full recharging of my professional batteries. I always leave with a new focus and new energy about what I need to do to be better at my job. I love that renewed zeal for the work that I take back home.   

    Third, this is a tremendous opportunity to network.  As a research methodologist, I’m a huge fan of book knowledge. I’m sure most of us, however, can testify to the value of experiential knowledge.  There are certain lessons in life that just never quite ring as true to us as the information that we share with a peer over a meal or while sharing a taxi from the airport. 

    I’m looking forward to attending this spring’s Summit. I’m ready to learn, to focus, to recharge, and to connect.  And if you’ve found yourself thinking that you need to befriend someone who can talk to you about sales coaching data, let’s share a cab from the airport.

    Interested in learning more about sales coaching? Come to our EcSELL Institute Sales Coaching Summit April 14-16th at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte NC.

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    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen brings an array of experiences and invaluable expertise in data collection, analysis, and research reporting to the EcSell Institute as the Director of Research. As part of her role, she leads all research initiatives, the creation of coaching performance assessments, and was instrumental in helping EcSell translate coaching into a series of measurable metrics. Stacia’s goal is to help EcSell’s clients discover actionable insights surrounding coaching effectiveness that allow them to achieve the highest levels of performance. Her research discoveries now provide sales leaders a never seen before view of team performance that is changing how teams are coached, led and managed. Supporting EcSell’s highly collaborative culture, Stacia also brings her analytical and thoughtful perspective to every department within the EcSell organization.

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