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Sales Coaching: Mindset Number 2 of Superstar Coaches

Posted by Sherri Daubert

July 17, 2014

Mindset Number 3  last week showed us that Superstars can work backwards.   Many people approach life with the thought that others can help them solve their problems.  Superstars however reverse that thinking and instead wonder how they might be helpful in solving others.

Here then, is according to Lisa Earle McLeod is……….

Mindset Number 2



Superstar Sales Coaches define Success Differently 

Many people tend to view the people around them as either obstacles or helpers. They often use words like gatekeepers, blocker, competitive threat or supporter, defining others in the context of whether they’re going to help or hinder their efforts. But superstars have a different definition of success.  Other people aren’t just a means to accomplish their goals; other people are their goal. They want to create success for everyone.


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