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    Sales Coaching: Mindset Number 3 of Superstar Coaches

    by Sherri Daubert / July 3, 2014

    Mindset Number 4, last week showed us that superstar coaches are able to sit with uncertainty.   They don’t expect things to always go according to script and because of that they are more confident.   Here then according to Lisa Earle McLeod, is Mindset Number 3.

    Superstars can work backwards

    Many people approach their life thinking, “I have these problems or goals; how might my spouse, boss, parent, co-worker or customer help me eliminate them, solve them or accomplish them?”

    Superstars reverse it: They think, “I have this spouse, customer, co-worker, parent or boss; how might I be helpful?”

    Tip:   Try every day to help others.   It’s a paradox but it works: When you want something from someone, instead of asking for it, consider instead helping that person get what he or she wants.  And if you don’t know what they want simply ask.    So many folks are focused on helping themselves, when you genuinely seek to help others, you stand out.  
    Help others first, without expecting anything--and the returns will be enormous.    


    A Sales Coaching Cloud Created Exclusively for Sales Leaders

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