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Sales Coaching: Mindset Number 4 of Superstar Coaches

Posted by Sherri Daubert

June 19, 2014

Mindset Number 5,  last week showed us that superstar coaches are able to hold 2 or more agendas in their minds at all time.    All their interactions take place with the focus on the other person’s goals versus theirs.    Here then according to Lisa Earle McLeod  is Mindset Number 4.



Mindset Number 4:

Superstars can sit with uncertainty.

Superstar coaches don’t expect things to go according to script.   Whether it’s a joint sales call, board meeting or weekend with the in-laws, their expectations are such that they don’t become anxious in the face of change and uncertainty.  Because they are able to roll with the punches they are more confident.   They innately know that ultimately they will be able to help close the deal, successfully coach their reps to change or even just positively navigate their day because they’re not attached to having it play out in any specific scenario.   Not having pre-conceived scripting keeps them from being generally uneasy, more fun, and engaging to be around.   


Try to practice being mentally agile, which is the exact opposite of living by a script. If we are feeling happy or optimistic, we tend towards broad and inclusive thinking.   Fear on the other hand, narrows our focus down to very specific details, creating expectations of exactly how things should play out.    Just recognizing the fact that you are trying to control every situation and then mentally letting it go will in fact increase your mood and positivity.  

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