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    Sales Coaching Research: What Five Words Are You?

    by Stacia Jorgensen / July 7, 2015

    Tell me something. As a sales leader, what’s your job? If you had to sit down and briefly tell someone what you do and what you are responsible for, what would you say? Better yet, think of it in even more direct manner.

    If you had to describe your role as a sales leader/sales manager/sales coach in only five words, which five words would you choose?

    Because I’m a nerdy social researcher and I love a good data collection effort, I’ve even made a little survey spot where you can tell me.

    Click here to anonymously tell me the five words that describe your role.

    Here’s why you should take a minute and do this:

    1. It will literally take ONE minute.
    2. Data collection is fun!
    3. While the investment in completing this exercise is small, I think you’ll find big value in going through the process of zeroing in on how you would describe your sales leadership role. When needing to be so succinct in explaining yourself, you assess who you are and what you do when wearing your manager hat.
    4. Understanding our sales leaders master statuses can help us understand the impact we have on others (like sales reps) and, in turn, how others impact us.

    We’ll give this survey a few days to gather responses and then I’ll write up the results in a subsequent blog. Jot down your five words and save them to compare. Feel free to share this survey with your sales manager colleagues and see if your words compare or if you have completely different views. One of the main reason I love data and data collection efforts is because of their power. Here, simply being part of a data collection process can give you a source of power in exploring your understanding and interpretation of your role in a more deliberate way.

    What to learn more about sales coaching research? Keep up with our work by joining us on social media.

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    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen brings an array of experiences and invaluable expertise in data collection, analysis, and research reporting to the EcSell Institute as the Director of Research. As part of her role, she leads all research initiatives, the creation of coaching performance assessments, and was instrumental in helping EcSell translate coaching into a series of measurable metrics. Stacia’s goal is to help EcSell’s clients discover actionable insights surrounding coaching effectiveness that allow them to achieve the highest levels of performance. Her research discoveries now provide sales leaders a never seen before view of team performance that is changing how teams are coached, led and managed. Supporting EcSell’s highly collaborative culture, Stacia also brings her analytical and thoughtful perspective to every department within the EcSell organization.

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