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    Sales Coaching Summit 2014: Some conferences are better than others.

    by Sherri Daubert / April 24, 2014



    There are good coaching conferences and bad ones.  Try and stick with the good ones…..”

    While we no longer theme our Summits per se, if we did the above statement might have been the predominant vein running through last week at our Spring Sales Coaching Summit, because this was a good conference.      Each April, EcSell Institute hosts a sales coaching extravaganza for our community of executive sales management leaders and guests in order to allow them to refocus, recharge, and learn the latest about performance coaching.  Typically held at a posh four or 5 star resort, which is always something to look forward to, this year we took up residence at the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in Charlotte, NC.    

    As a team we relish this time together to reconnect with members in the community as well as meet with those who might be taking a look at joining our ranks.  But we realize that coming to our sales coaching summit is a large commitment of time and resources and that our audiences today are demanding as well as sophisticated.  Folks expect presenters to be compelling and memorable but at the same time they want to be entertained and have fun.    It is necessary to develop a rapport with those in attendance and according to Jeff Hurt of Velvet Chainsaw there are 6 expectations that need to be met in order to make that happen. 

    1.  Cutting Edge Information.   

    Our members don’t want information that is outdated or widely available on the internet.  They want the most current cutting edge information available and making sure presenters are prepared to deliver that is important.

    1. Customized Information that solves their problems

    Members arrive at conferences with specific problems they hope to solve and are searching for answers to them.   Be the solution or the guidepost to the solution.

    1. Time for discussion

    Participants need time to make meaning from the information and to own the concepts being presented. As well they need to reflect on what is being said and how it applies to their current situation.  Because our brains seek association, connections and patterns, in order for real learning to occur attendees need moments to discuss the information and share the ideas before the ideas are gone.

    1. Time to Implement a Plan

    Audiences need time when in an education session or interactive presentation to decide how they will apply what they just learned.  If applicable to the presentation each participant should leave the Summit with a bonafide game plan in hand for their success. 

    1. To be Entertained

    No matter what we might think, audiences still expected to be entertained regardless of the content.  It’s referred to now as “Infotainment” but ultimately the content needs to align with the attendee’s world albeit in an “entertaining” way.

    1. To Have Fun

    Who ever said that learning had to be boring and all serious anyway?  If the Summit doesn’t come across as fun, then sadly it’s just a waste of time and money.


    The Sum of Its Parts

    Great conference experiences are the orchestration of many little things.   From logistics and detail to paying attention to the creation of a unique experience by utilizing the above 6 elements, a Summit truly is the “sum” of it parts.   Spring Summit 2014 hit the mark on all accounts with exceptional presenters, interactive sponsors, attentive hotel staff and the best possible attendees.    It was in fact, a very GOOD Summit.


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