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    Sales Coaching Summit 2015: Tony Jeary, First Presenter Up!

    by Sherri Daubert / May 5, 2015

    EcSell_Summit_combined_3.jpgWe are sitting at Summit 2015 in Scottsdale at the Fairmont Princess. Every year, I so look forward to this, knowing there are fantastic presenters lined up and a wealth of information to learn from them. And this year is no exception once again as we feel the energy revving up with Tony Jeary walking to the stage.  

     Many of the world’s top achievers seek a strategic expert to help them accelerate their sales coaching results and when they do, they are drawn to Tony Jeary. He is an authority on getting results and he has committed his career to studying and helping others achieve more. I can see why people have said, if you want to better your life, your career and your results, he is definitely someone you need to know.   

    He is fast,  funny,  high energy, but the word that most aptly describes him is generous. He has answers you can tell, and while he would appreciate you buying one of his 38 books, he is more inclined to just give it to you. Now that is interesting and while the concept is not new, it seems fresh.   

    IMG_1791.jpgHis core methodology Strategic Acceleration he compares to a three legged stool and each leg has a name:

    • Clarity
    • Focus
    • Execution

    Below is a brief synopsis of Tony’s method and a summary of how to best apply it.


    Clarity is the beginning of success but how many of us really have it? And how much time do we spend on determining how clear we or our people are? High achievers are very clear, they write it down and measure their progress. If we want to be effective and a follow a good path, we have to be very clear about our clarity of purpose.   


    Focus is a big deal according to Jeary,  as distractions are a major part of our life in the forms of telephone calls, emails, and text messages.  In order to get focus he suggests you write down 5 to 7 activities that should make up most of your week, assign them an hour value, and then hone in your plan by working backwards.   You begin with:

    • 168 hours in a week
    • Minus 56 hours of sleep
    • Minus 12 hours of basics
    • Equals 100
    • Dividing that by 2 gives you 50 hours of personal time and 50 hours of business time. Determine from this the high leverage activities you should be doing and the amount of time you should be doing it. 


    From there the execution becomes a matter of simply documenting your HLA’s (high leverage activities)

    This is an over simplification of Tony and the resources and methods he brought to us today but his points were powerful and his passion for his topic undeniable.  A great kick off to Summit 2015, keep a lookout for posts on our remaining presenters and the tips you can use to help you.

    Also a big thanks to Tony for sharing his book "Strategic Acceleration" with all of the Summit attendees. Check out Tony's book here:













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