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    Sales Coaching Summit: It's Easy. I Like It.

    by Stacia Jorgensen / May 5, 2015

    I’m going to start using these five little words more often in my daily life: It’s easy! I like it!

    Can these words be life changing? After listening to Scott Bornstein’s kick-off talking to the 2015 EcSell Sales Coaching Summit in Scottsdale Arizona last night, I vote yes. Wait. That doesn’t quite convey my conviction here. I think it’s more accurate if I type YES!

    Scott gave a fascinating talk centered on the power we each possess in our own brain, specifically when it comes to memory. Individuals with a good memory stand out in our world. They can command information in presentations and conversations. They make those around them feel important and valued when names are remembered. This power of memory can be grossly important in the sales world when client names and details can make or break us or make us stand out from competitors.

    At the same time, memory is something that many of us struggle with. He discussed how only small portions of our brain are actually employed at any given time. Through training and making connections, however, we can harness that untapped power in meaningful and powerful ways to increase our recall. While his techniques are effective – he used exercises to clearly demonstrate during his presentation – my big take-away is these five words: It’s easy. I like it.


    Simply, one of the main steps in training our brain to more easily recall information is to tell our brain it can do this because it’s easy and it’s something we like to do. Having a positive attitude makes the memory recall process easier. In fact, Scott discusses how giving yourself this positive permission to find something easy and likeable actually has physiological impacts on our brain that really does make it easier and more likeable. What a powerful tool. Telling ourselves we can learn makes us a better learner. Telling ourselves we can change makes change easier. Telling ourselves we can get better helps us get better. Think of the macro-level impact this simple addition to our internal dialogue can make for not only our memory but also our abilities to coach, parent, and interact with our world.

    Scott had other tips to help us with memory recall like using pauses to help us absorb information we import or the use of repetition to cement datum in our long -term memory. These efforts become easier, however, when we let our brains think it is easy. What a simple but amazingly powerful concept and exercise. I can do this. You can do this. By encouraging our own brain and giving ourselves permission, we can harness the capacity we already possess.

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    See more from Scott here.

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    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen

    Stacia Jorgensen brings an array of experiences and invaluable expertise in data collection, analysis, and research reporting to the EcSell Institute as the Director of Research. As part of her role, she leads all research initiatives, the creation of coaching performance assessments, and was instrumental in helping EcSell translate coaching into a series of measurable metrics. Stacia’s goal is to help EcSell’s clients discover actionable insights surrounding coaching effectiveness that allow them to achieve the highest levels of performance. Her research discoveries now provide sales leaders a never seen before view of team performance that is changing how teams are coached, led and managed. Supporting EcSell’s highly collaborative culture, Stacia also brings her analytical and thoughtful perspective to every department within the EcSell organization.

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