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    Sales Coaching: The Top Mindsets of SuperStar Coaches. Number 5

    by Sherri Daubert / June 5, 2014

    sherri_dauber_largeLast time around we touched on research done by Lisa Earle McLeod, kick-off presenter at our last Spring Summit, why as a coach and manager your mindset is the most important.   

    According to Earle, the reason some people achieve successful lives and others don’t is not about skill or talent, but more about mindset. c They know their internal dialogue sets the tone for all their interactions and therefore their success. There are 5 basic mindsets for these superstars. 




    Mindset #5:

    Superstars hold two agendas in their mind at the same time.

    Average people tend to approach their interactions with others focused exclusively on their own goals. Superstars, on the other hand, go into situations focused on their goals AND the goals of the other person. This seemingly nuanced difference in thinking is why superstars create better relationships and garner more support for just about everything they do.

    Tip: Successful coaching is not about your review of the numbers or what’s in the pipeline.Ask and know what your rep's goals are personally and professionally. By understanding what those are and thinking about those first in every interaction, your rep will not only achieve their goals but will help you to achieve yours.   

    For more sales coaching tips and strategy from industry experts,  consider attending the fall Sales Coaching Summit in Dallas, Texas at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel on October 7th. Registration is now open! 


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