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Sales Leader Time Management: What Are Your Obstacles?

Posted by Sarah Wirth

July 10, 2014

overwhelmed_manIf there’s one thing that we hear from sales managers on a regular basis, it’s how busy they are.  And when you look at everything on their plate, there’s no doubt that statement is true.  From sales trips with reps to company meetings to responding to customers to putting together sales plans to monitoring their pipeline, sales managers are pulled in many directions from numerous groups of people who need their time and help.

At EcSell Institute, we are focused on helping sales managers cut through the noise to spend their time most effectively.   And since hitting the number is the most critical goal, we have focused our research on understanding which activities are most critical to increasing a rep’s motivation to increase their sales.  To this end, our research indicates that there are three sales coaching activities that are highly related to increased rep motivation:

  • Conducting regularly scheduled one-to-one meetings with reps
  • Helping reps develop a career plan to reach their growth goals
  • Providing consistent and detailed coaching to improve reps’ selling skills

However, as noted above, there are numerous other “squeaky wheels” that make demands on a sales manager’s time and keep them from focusing on these critical coaching activities. Determining the other work that is preventing sales managers from being able to coach their reps is the first step to helping them re-prioritize.  This is why we are interested in learning more about how sales managers are currently spending their time.

If you have three minutes, we would appreciate your feedback in how you or the sales managers you lead generally spend their time. If you help us by completing this survey and provide your contact information at the end, we will share the survey results with you.  Thanks in advance for your time!

If your company is a member of EcSell Institute, please use this link to complete the survey:

If your company is NOT a member of EcSell Institute, please use this link to complete the survey:

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