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    Sales Leaders: Start Gaining Momentum

    by Anna Schott / June 1, 2015
    Mass x Velocity = Momentum

               We all learned this equation at some point in time but have you ever actually stopped and applied it to life rather then regurgitating the equation on a test 5, 10 or 50 years ago? Maybe even your own life?

                UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) Student Regent and MD/Ph.D student Krupa Savalia did so beautifully when she chose to take control of the mass and velocity in her life.

                I heard Krupa speak at a TEDxWomen conference not too long ago. The overarching theme of this event was “MOMENTUM.” I heard a variety of women speakers with a diverse set of ideas that explored this idea of creating momentum in how we think, live and work today. Krupa’s message hit home to me the most. I’ll tell you why.

                Krupa amazed me with her knowledge of science and math, and to be honest, I hadn’t remembered that the equation for momentum was mass times velocity (pretty sure I’m not the only one either). Something that made me understand her equation was that she simplified it into this:


                Let’s start with PURPOSE. It is the reason for existence and a desired effect. It is something we have the ability to control and create. My brain instantly focused on the members the EcSell Institute. We work with sales leaders who believe in our PURPOSE because they know it will create momentum within their sales teams and in result, increase performance and sales. But it all starts from within. Most sales leaders have purpose and understand this component of success. If anything, they have so much purpose they don’t know what to do with it!    

                That’s where DIRECTION comes into play. “MASS, or PURPOSE, doesn’t tell the whole story,” Krupa said. If there isn't direction the purpose stands stagnant. This is where I feel like sales departments are struggling. They may have a strong purpose but the direction isn’t there. They may not understand that EcSell can provide that crucial direction to lead sales teams to the momentum they need to achieve success.

                Changing direction or trusting someone to lead you in the right direction can be hard. Read a great blog about this here. What we hear a lot of is that change is scary, it’s uncomfortable or that it creates unwanted emotions. It does do those things, but it also creates momentum in return. Krupa shared this quote with us:

    Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best come from them.”

    - Neurologist Rita Levi-Montalcini (known for nerve growth factor)

                That quote just seems to hit the nail on the head. If you as a sales leader are open to the idea of changing the direction of where your sales management team is going, think of the momentum you’ll have going forward. Your purpose may be strong, so give it some direction. Let EcSell be the direction you take. Your momentum depends on it.

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    TEDxLincolnWomen.jpgEcSell Institute Attendees at the TEDxLincoln Women Conference pictured left to right: Kathy Collins, Vice President of Member Operations; Anna Schott, Director of Marketing; Sherri Daubert, Vice President of Partner Services 



     More about Dr. Savalia:

    Dr. Krupa Savalia is a first generation American born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2006, she returned to the East Coast to work in the Kessler Foundation Research Center's clinical research laboratories. That experience piqued her interest in a career that bridges the gap between patient care and scientific innovation. Krupa received her Ph.D. in 2014 and is completing the final two years of her medical school training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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