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    Sales Managers: Stop Waiting for the “Right” Time

    by Anna Schott / July 14, 2015

    Do you ever “know” you should do something but it’s just not the “right” time? Maybe it’s that project your significant other is nagging you to finish, trying a new hobby or maybe starting a business. Either way, it’s just not the “right” time to accomplish it. So when is the perfect time?

    You’re not alone. I’ve been meaning to write a blog about this specific picture from our 2015 Sales Coaching Summit two months ago. Clint Longenecker, one of America’s leaders in the area of rapid performance improvement and the Stranahan Professor of Leadership and Organizational Excellence in The College of Business and Innovation at The University of Toledo, wrote this on a poster at a breakout session in early May. Personally, I find so many emotions evoked from this statement, though it’s taken me until now to write about it.

    What I’ve learned from listening to sales leaders across the globe is that emotions play a huge role in their behavior. I found this article fascinating about the science behind moods and time management:

    . . . scientists have begun to think that procrastination might have less to do with time than emotion. Procrastination 'really has nothing to do with time-management,'" Thompson quotes Joseph Ferrari, a psychology professor at DePaul University, as saying.” (view source here).

    We constantly hear from managers that it’s just not the right time to make a change or how busy their schedules are, but is time and busyness an easy excuse when in reality fear plays the bigger role?

    NEWS FLASH: Everyone is busy. Everyone has hectic schedules. Everyone has stress.


    "If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything."

    - Win Borden


    When I listen to sales leaders describe a personal set of conditions that have to be met before they can make the next move to work with us I simply wonder if their management team is really as high priority as they say they are. It’s as though they’re waiting for the “perfect time” to start measuring coaching to assess the ability of sales manager effectiveness. To be blunt, there is no “perfect time” to start measuring sales manager coaching success. The time is NOW!

    If sales leaders want to grow sales then start making the necessary actions today and everyday to get there. Without doing this you’re stagnating yourself, your team and sales growth. Read a great blog post by our president, Bill Eckstrom, about changing even when times are good. (Click here)

    No matter when you make the choice to do something, always remember that there has to be growing pains before you can grow. It’s not fun and it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. So if you want to elevate sales and performance beginning with your management team, then stop waiting and start working. Once you do you’ll regret you didn’t start sooner.


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    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott

    Anna Schott serves as EcSell Institute's Director of Marketing handling all creative, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives. Her most recent accomplishments include marketing a viral TEDx Talk and Amazon Best-Selling Book, "The Coaching Effect."

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