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Sales Motivation: Have Some fun

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

July 1, 2014

Anyone in sales knows that it is an absolute grind. Sales people live their lives one quarter at a time with the expectation that each year they are expected to produce more than they did the year prior. But that is the job that we signed up for and with the high pressure comes the high reward and recognition. That being said, it is critical for sales managers to be very cognizant about making sure their sales people are enjoying themselves during their day to day activities and allowing them the flexibility to be creative and stay loose. Sales Managers have an opportunity to influence more sales motivation by learning how to help each of their sales reps stay engaged with their high payoff activities and have fun while doing them.

Common sense dictates that it is important and healthy to find ways to have fun at your job, especially when your career field is high pressure. I believe that for sales people, especially sales people who have to truly cold call and prospect, having fun is imperative. Why? It’s critical because tone matters, a lot! And your tone is always better when your are smiling and relaxed versus frustrated and tense. It matters both in person and especially when on the phone. Sales departments spend a lot of time tracking all sorts of activity metrics, but one that is overlooked, likely because it is very hard to measure is a sales person’s tone and disposition throughout the entire sales process.

What are some things that a sales manager can do to help their sales reps have more fun and be more engaged? Below are a few suggestions.

1) Lead by example. Positive energy and tone is infectious and the trickle-down effect will absolutely have a positive effect on your sales reps. This is especially important to remember when executing against the highest payoff sales coaching activities with your sales reps.

2) During your regularly scheduled one on one meetings with those on your team make a deliberate effort to understand what your reps get excited about – what things do they enjoy both at work and outside of work. Then try to inject those things into their weekly lives or on a regular basis.

3) Allow them the opportunity to be quirky. In fact, encourage them to do whatever it takes to get in the right mindset to have the most positive impact when visiting with their prospects or clients. Some examples of this may be visualization, meditation, breathing techniques, playing music, watching a motivating youtube clip, etc. Of course you still pay attention to practice, preparation, and pre-call planning, but also make sure to pay attention to the things that allow your reps to stay loose.

Personally, I have found a great deal of benefit from being allowed to be creative with my day and sales process. For me, a variation of pump-up music, youtube clips, and sales articles do the trick. Also, I have benefited from a wireless headset which allows me to do all my calls while walking around as opposed to sitting. This allows me to be more of a kinetic thinker which has been helpful. Like every situation, each sales rep is going to be a bit different with what makes them tick, but great sales coaches understand what those items are and encourage their reps to leverage them.

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