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    Sales Performance: There really is a magic bullet!

    by Sherri Daubert / September 11, 2014

    Definition of magic bullet: A remedy, especially an undiscovered or hypothetical one, with wonderful or highly specific properties.   

    Does it seem sometimes in sales management that it would be nice to have a magic bullet for the sales performance of your reps?    You know the one quick answer or strategy that you could apply to everyone in your organization and always get consistent results?  Here at EcSell, we understand the way effective sales leaders coach should be unique to every individual on their team.   Still, there are certain human traits like goodness, that when condensed down to a single bullet point could have predictable results and yes be applied to likely each and every single member of your team.Is there really a magic bullet?

    According to Lisa McLeod a leading speaker, sales consultant and author of “Selling with Noble Purpose,” there is indeed one magical game changing question when it comes to altering the sales performance of your team.  And most sales organizations miss that the greatest question of all and the one that makes the very most difference in making the sale, doesn’t come from the rep, but instead from you the sales manager. 

    If you can remember to ask this one thing of your reps, it will transform the way in which they approach the call.   So here it is: How will this customer be different as a result of doing business with us? 

    Why the magic bullet works:

    So that’s it?  Simple enough right?   But you have to consider the thought process that begins to happen inside that person each and every time that question is posed.   They begin operating and thinking from a much higher, more altruistic place.   Questions start to come to mind like:

    • How might I best impact this client?
    • How might what I am proposing make my client more efficient or effective
    • How will my product be different than my competitors?
    • Is what I am proposing the best solution for this client

     Suddenly their minds are open to whole new set of possibilities based on the answer to that one simple question.   And isn’t that better than hearing

    • When is it going to close?
    • How much is it going to be worth?

    Think from a Higher place, Sell from a higher place

    If they are thinking from a higher place then they are selling from a higher place and fundamentally folks operate from goodness.   People want to believe they can help others achieve their goals and by posing the “magic bullet,” you empower he or she to be better equipped to tell their value story and ask better questions of the client on the call.    So remember, it doesn’t start with the rep learning to ask more questions, it begins with the sales manager learning how to ask GREAT questions!

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