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Social Selling: The big arrow in your reps quiver

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

May 18, 2015

social_selling.jpgIf you are not familiar with Amar Sheth and Sales for Life, it is time to get acquainted. At the recent EcSell Institute Sales Coaching Summit, the EcSell community had the pleasure of hearing Amar evangelize the value and relevance of Social Selling. The audience was engaged, mostly in taking notes, because they learned that only 28% of B2B sellers are using social selling. What an amazing opportunity for them to gain market share, build pipeline, and gain a huge competitive advantage right now.

Social selling can seem overwhelming. However, when but when you break it down the execution is not unlike any other process you implement to grow sales. You must crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and run before you fly to achieve your objectives. I know this first hand because the EcSell Institute team graduated from the Sales for Life course a few months back. If you focus on the overwhelming nature that is the social world, yes it can be overwhelming, but if you set out on a journey to learn and get better it absolutely pays dividends. The payoff is in the commitment to the process.

Amar__3.jpgSpeaking of journeys, one of the most poignant parts of Amar’s presentation was his pointing out how the sales process has changed in today’s environment. Today sales is more about the buyer’s self-directed journey than it is about the sales person leading the buyer through a sales process. Think about buying a car, how much has that process changed in the past five, ten, twenty years? Although stats vary, today your potential buyers are more than 57% of the way towards their buying decision before they ever talk to a sales person.  What does this mean? It means that building relationships, and fostering those relationships with timely relevant content is of the most urgent importance. You have to allow yourself the opportunity to seep into the subconscious of your potential buyers minds.

Amar.jpgPerhaps the biggest advantage that social selling has to offer is exposure. You essentially have an ocean full of potential buyers. You also have an ocean full of people who one day will become potential buyers. The trick is learning the process that allows your sales reps to tap into this potential market. You can begin building that foundation by reading this research article about proven social selling routines.  What does this all mean for sales leaders? Simply put, it means that in order to maximize sales performance you must include social selling in your reps prospecting mix. While it is not a silver bullet, it will be one of the bigger arrows in your sales reps quiver. Good luck!

Learn more about Social Selling here.

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