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3 Ways to be a Catalytic Manager

Posted by Sarah Wirth

October 27, 2016

My 10-year-old son is a tennis player. He absolutely loves the sport and works really hard at it. Recently, we were talking about the different coaches he has at his tennis club and I asked him which coaches were his favorites. When he gave me two names, I asked him why and his response was fascinating. He said, “I like them best because they push me. The other coaches are really nice, but they sometimes let kids mess around during practice.”

This answer made me smile because it showed me that even a 10 year old knows the difference between nice coaches and those that really drive performance. Just like a young tennis player, we have found that sales reps often prefer a coach that makes them work and improve. At EcSell Institute, we describe these “pushier” managers as having a higher Catalytic Factor (or C-Factor), that is, the ability to push their reps into a higher performance zone.

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