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The Uniqueness of Coaching

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

April 14, 2016

Arguably, the greatest coach of all time, in anything, was a gentleman by the name of John Wooden.  Mr. Wooden coached basketball at UCLA and won more games and national titles during his tenure, to the point where it almost seems surreal.  He was so successful, many people in coaching roles believe him unrealistic to even emulate.

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if nobody cares who gets the credit”

Because coaching performance fascinates me (and all of us at EcSell), I have read a couple of Wooden’s books in order to understand more about his success. What I discovered is that while many things made him powerful, it was his “why” that allowed him and his teams to achieve the unattainable. Too often people will read his books looking for the “how” and in doing so will completely miss the most critical messages. What I learned from reading about him not only made sense, it also validated our research at EcSell. And, the good news is that his coaching principles have almost complete cross-over to sales leadership (an exception being--teaching those on your team how to properly tie their shoes).

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Creating a Culture of Engagement

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 30, 2015

What creates a culture of engagement? What drives organizational loyalty? How do you foster an environment or culture within your organization that not only makes people happy in their jobs, but drives performance?

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Sales Coaching: The Dirty Little Secret about Sales Coaching.

Posted by Sherri Daubert

November 21, 2014

120110_Daubert002bwRecently we introduced our sales coaching cloud technology known as ONE-UP. This technology was developed solely as a tool for our members when, as with so many solutions, there came a total moment of clarity created by need. While in conversation with a member who is an EVP, and asked what percent of time his managers spent in coaching, and focusing on high pay off activities, his response was “ I simply don’t know.” But he continued, “While I would like to think that my managers are spending the majority of their time doing the things that will make the difference and move the needle for their teams, literally I cannot tell you.” This was eye opening for us, because while we teach and train that nothing impacts performance more than coaching, and we know the activities and behaviors that need to happen to increase sales, we had not given them an easy way to measure that.

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Make less decisions to create more motivation

Posted by Sarah Wirth

November 10, 2014

If you are a parent, you probably remember when your child started becoming independent. First, they wanted to feed themselves their own Cheerios. Next, they tried to pick out their own clothes. And then, they insisted on holding their toothbrush when cleaning their teeth. All these little steps along the way were so meaningful to them because they were becoming “big” and you saw the pride on their face when they were able to do something by themself. This drive that your child displayed early on is the same drive that also fuels grown-ups – to have ownership over things in their life.

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Sales Coaching: A Tale of a Savvy Sales VP

Posted by Sherri Daubert

November 6, 2014


Once upon a time, a savvy sales VP decided she wanted to improve her sales team performance by instilling a company culture of coaching.        A great coach surely would get her people all the latest and very best in sales methodology so she enlisted the aid of the finest sales trainers and consultants in all the land.   They trained, they learned, and the savvy sales VP even went so far as to get an app, where she and subsequently her managers could do on demand coaching with her people through their smart phones.    Very efficient, very techy and very cool.  

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Corporate Culture: How it Affects Sales Performance

Posted by Kathy Collins

September 9, 2014

“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.” -Simon Sinek

Corporate culture can be defined simply as, "the way we do things around here," or "it's our company's personality."  Edgar Schein, PhD, (MIT) Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, defines corporate culture as, "A pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems that has been worded well enough to be considered valued and is passed on to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems."  Regardless of how you define corporate culture, there is no doubt that the performance potential of a sales leadership team is elevated by the corporate alignment of employee values.

The claim that organizational culture is directly linked to increased performance is founded on the perception that good culture plays an important role in generating a competitive advantage over other similar companies.  Likewise, culture will stay linked to excellent performance only if the culture is able to adapt to changes in environmental conditions internally and externally.

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Sales Coaching: 8 Qualities of a Great Sales Manager and Coach

Posted by Sherri Daubert

August 28, 2014

We all remember sales managers along our career path.     Some were good, some bad and even a few were memorable.    But how many over your lifetime actually fell in the category of being a mentor coach?    The one or ones that actually made a difference in where you are today.  

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Are you motivated to motivate?

Posted by Kathy Collins

June 26, 2014


Being a coach is not easy and on some days it can be quite exhausting. The trick is to keep your motivation for being a motivator! Sustaining motivation can be tough under the best of circumstances. 

Motivation is not magic...there is no quick and painless way to be engaged and stay engaged with your team. The following 5 steps will help you accomplish your task and keep some balance in the process.

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The High Cost of Low Coaching Performance

Posted by Kathy Collins

June 12, 2014


How much does poor leadership cost an might be shocked!  The process of finding the right leader/coach for your company may be the difference between double-digit profits or closing your doors forever.   The connection between leadership/coaching practices is well researched and presents the largest growth opportunity for organizations today.  Factors that impact sales rep performance and productivity are intrinsically linked to training, coaching and mentoring.

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Transformational Leadership: 10 Coaching Tips to Maximize Performance

Posted by Kathy Collins

May 29, 2014

There are many roles we take on in the pursuit of transformational leadership, but there is no role or title as important or effective as, “coach.” The ultimate goal of coaching is the process of transforming a person from where they are in their career, to where they have the potential to be. Transformational leaders (i.e. coaches) have the ability to create a lasting impression on their team and likewise create meaningful growth for their organizations from the center outward. In addition to the organization becoming intrinsically better, individuals are found t be more satisfied, productive with a sharp decrease in turnover as a standard. If you are a leader that desires to improve their coaching skills, there are some simple things that you can instill in your work life right away to see instant improvement. 

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