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Sales Leaders: You fuel your team’s success

Posted by Anna Schott

March 30, 2016

One day it just clicked for me.

Memorial Stadium, 2001

How food plays an influential role in the body. My 6’ 2” brother, a previous offensive lineman for the Nebraska Huskers, once expressed how important it was for him to eat food that would propel him through practices as well as gain muscle and endurance. He explained food in the term of fuel which I think is brilliant. He needed the proper amounts of protein, carbs and fats to ensure he was in optimal shape to perform at the levels expected of him, or else . . .

Now let’s think of it in terms of sales teams and the performance of sales leaders. Sales leaders are the fuel to their team just as quality food is the fuel to an athlete. An athlete cannot perform at his or her top performance level if the diet is heavy in unhealthy fats, low nutritional carbs and processed meats just as a sales team cannot perform with a disinterested, unhelpful or demotivating coach. There needs to be quality in sales departments from the top down.

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