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4 Best Practices for Giving Better Feedback

Posted by Sarah Wirth

June 10, 2019

One of the most important things a manager can do to help their team members perform better is to coach them to improve their selling skills. Sales training is a critical first step in building a team member's selling skills, but without consistent coaching and feedback from a manager to support that training, the development of those new skills will stagnate.

To deliver the most effective feedback, try these tips:

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Talk Less, Listen More:  How Sales Managers Can Use Questions to Coach

Posted by Sarah Wirth

August 12, 2015

When I ask sales managers what they wish their reps would improve in their sales calls with prospective customers, the number one response is “ask more questions!”  Overwhelmingly, sales managers are frustrated by reps who spend more time talking about the features and benefits of products and services, rather than seeking to understand the prospect’s business or needs. They know that when their reps take the time to ask questions, listen and understand customers’ needs, sales conversations flow better and are more effective. So, why don’t these managers take their own advice when coaching their reps?

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The Sales Skills Audit: A New Kind of Performance Review

Posted by Sarah Wirth

June 11, 2014

Almost every sales manager hates doing performance reviews.  And why wouldn’t they? Most of the time, they’ve been handed a form from their human resources department that isn’t specific to sales and that forces them to write long paragraphs of feedback about areas that may not be relevant to achieving success in their role. 

Moreover, after so much writing, each review starts to feel and sound the same, so the managers question how much value they are even adding through the review process.  This is why EcSell Institute recommends a new kind of performance review for a sales team – the sales skills audit (see form here: Sales Rep Annual Skills Audit (Performance Review).

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Sales Coaching Tip: Using Questions for Better Coaching

Posted by Sarah Wirth

May 14, 2014

One of the most important sales techniques we teach our new sales reps is how to ask good questions.  There are so many reasons why questions are important in the sales process.  They help us uncover customers’ needs.  They help us learn about the customer’s business.  They help customers self-diagnose their issues and how we can help solve them.  And a great questioning process can create customer buy-in for a solution before we even suggest it.  Simply stated, knowing how to ask questions and follow-up accordingly is one of the most important lessons a salesperson can learn.  So why do we so quickly forget that lesson when we move into sales management?

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