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5 Ways to Apply Positive Pressure

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

December 28, 2016

Just like when you treat a wound, sometimes the best thing you can do is apply pressure. The same is true in sales coaching. New findings from our research indicate that the most highly impactful sales managers are ones who gently push their sales teams in a way that elicits a positive reaction or growth.

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page when we talk about this pressure or pushing. At EcSell, this is a part of a concept we call the Catalytic Factor, or the C-Factor. Sales managers who have the C-Factor create an environment on their team that propels people into higher performing zones and zones of growth through the introduction of challenges, new experiences, or strain. Here, we focus on two behaviors in this concept: encouraging reps to move outside their comfort zone and stretching a rep’s selling skills and abilities.

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Let Them Play: Using Unstructured Time to Drive Innovation and Growth for Your Sales Team

Posted by Sarah Wirth

June 22, 2015

As many of our children are now on summer vacation – whether from kindergarten, college or somewhere in between – I’m reminded of the importance of “play time” for rejuvenating energy levels and encouraging new ways of thinking. Of course, our children may see the summer as simply a time for ball games, swim parties and flashlight tag, but in reality, having this unstructured time helps them develop in ways that a more structured environment like school does not.  

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Topics: growing sales, sales rep motivation, Sales Manager Motivation

Coaching Conversations: Facilitating Growth Experiences

Posted by Sarah Wirth

September 24, 2014

In today’s blog, we will address the final component of our four-part series on coaching your reps’ mental performance.  This type of coaching drives the mental engagement of your team in order to keep their performance at its peak level.  As a reminder, in previous blogs, we introduced three key coaching principles that you can use to help improve your sales reps’ performance mentality. These principles are:

  • Creating relationships of trust with those you are coaching
  • Asking powerful questions to drive effective learning
  • Facilitating growth experiences for your team to maximize potential 

Today we are going to further explore the third mental coaching principle of facilitating growth experiences for your team to maximize their potential.

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Topics: growing sales, Motivating Sales Team, Complexity Theory, coaching sales reps

The Sales Skills Audit: A New Kind of Performance Review

Posted by Sarah Wirth

June 11, 2014

Almost every sales manager hates doing performance reviews.  And why wouldn’t they? Most of the time, they’ve been handed a form from their human resources department that isn’t specific to sales and that forces them to write long paragraphs of feedback about areas that may not be relevant to achieving success in their role. 

Moreover, after so much writing, each review starts to feel and sound the same, so the managers question how much value they are even adding through the review process.  This is why EcSell Institute recommends a new kind of performance review for a sales team – the sales skills audit (see form here: Sales Rep Annual Skills Audit (Performance Review).

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